Godzilla will hit Japan Next Year

Godzilla will hit Japan Next Year

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  • Toho signs on to do a revival version of Godzilla after public demand.
  • This new Godzilla movie will be the first to feature in Japan after 12 years.

The Godzilla series ended back in 2004 earning 57 billion yen worldwide. The Hollywood version of the movie is unrelated to the upcoming series. The Toho studios would be producing the revival series.

Ryuhei Kitamura’s Godzilla: Final Wars was the last movie that came out of the Toho studios featuring the nuclear lizard in action. Unfortunately, for Kitamura the project became a complete failure earning only $12 million and the studios put the project into store.

Over the years, the giant monster has collected a fandom worldwide and was realized by Gareth Edwards version of the movie in 2014 with a budget of $200 million and it paid off. The movie earned $525 million worldwide.

It was time the Japanese officially reclaimed what was theirs in the first place. Toho Studios took an initiative by launching a Godzilla Strategic Conference, a committee seated by studio producers and directors aiming to resurrect the Japanese Godzilla project including the movie.

Taichi Ueda said in a press conference that they will take over the Godzilla project and not let the Americans take it over. They will not be spending so much amount of money on the project as the Americans but they will be going about it much more efficiently.

The studios will begin shooting in 2015 and the film will be out in theaters by 2016. The studios will also be erecting a life size model of the monster at the Toho Cinemas Shinjuku Theater by April. The Japanese are hoping to reclaim the monsters as their own before the 2023 Tokyo Olympics.

They definitely want their rights back. It would be interesting comparison to see the Godzilla feature. The 2016 Toho version would be compared to the 2014 Edward’s version and that would be compared to the WB studios approved upcoming sequel to THE 2014 version.

It’s a Godzilla war fighting for fans attention in the theatres. The revival of the Toho’s version of Godzilla would be seen after a 12 years hiatus and we hope that it will be amazing for the franchise worldwide.

Sources: CinemaToday, TokyoReporter, Variety

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