Golden Globes 2015 Highlights presented a Lot of Starlight

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The Golden Globes 2015 highlights presented a lot of Starlight. The stars glittered in their attires and handled their individual speeches with aplomb.

This year the Golden Globes Awards went like a piece of cake. Hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, it was a fun-filled show that raised the interest-o-meter by several degrees. They started off with a spoof about Bill Cosby.

Then they also lampooned Angelina Jolie. The artist known as Prince was there too sporting a huge Afro. He presented the award for the best song. Prince held a walking stick in one hand proving his resilience.

Something that was especially noteworthy was George Clooney’s speech. He gave quite a lengthy talk that made mention of Robin Williams, his wife Amal, Don and the journalists killed in Paris recently.

Meryl Streep was available on the occasion too. She took a selfie with a star dressed as a North Korean reporter. Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of The Imitation Game photobombed that selfie much to the applause and laughter of the audience. There were a few though who called the North Korean reporter photo a racist attempt at gaining attention. 

Jane Fonda’s boyfriend became unconscious at his table thus prompting the paramedics to arrive. He was a Parkinson’s Disease sufferer according to Fonda. And he had the disease since the past decade or so.

Another accident occurred when Kathy Bates injured herself towards the end of the show. She probably had someone’s high heel hit her on the instep. She doubled over in pain and let out a scream of agony.

The Golden Globes are known for the amount of alcohol that is freely available. And so some of the actresses must have drank others under the table. Jennifer Aniston was in quite a mood and gave Kate Hudson a butt rub in full view of the cameras.

Giuliana Rancic took a shot of tequila and asked George Clooney’s wife Amal if she had tried it before. Amal snidely said that yes she had tried it before. When Jennifer Lopez was reading out the nomination for somebody, Jeremy Renner took a sly peek at her boobs and called them globes.

Jeffrey Tambor meanwhile dedicated his award to the transgender community. Kevin Spacey was so flabbergasted when he won the 8th time for House of Cards that he took to swearing.

Chrissy Teigen started getting into sob story mode when her husband John Legend won an award for his song Selma. The AC was faulty and everyone took to fanning themselves in order to keep the sweat at bay.

Lupita Nyong’o wore her classic glasses which made her look like a Black intellectual. Ruth Wilson pointed out on stage that her costar had a great pair of buttocks. Talk about being straightforward! Naomi Watts began the waterworks and histrionics while Gwyneth Paltrow was so happy that she laughed exuberantly.

Matthew McConaughey’s beard made him look like a 60s hippie freak. Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson was there in a steel colored shimmery dress. Ricky Gervais too gave a speech like Clooney but it was much shorter.

Meanwhile, the star event of the evening was the speech by George Clooney. In it he presented several key points, some funny and others on a serious note. He thanked his wife for the support she gave him.

He also said that all his life he had waited for a woman like her. He especially showed solidarity for the French journalists who were brutally killed recently. Clooney said that members of all three monotheistic religions participated in protest against their cold-blooded murder.  

The event was a time of hilarity and camaraderie. There were dedications and parodies. Especially noteworthy is the partially lesbian moment when Kate Hudson got her buttocks rubbed the wrong way by Jennifer Aniston.

She broke out in peals of laughter. While Kate took it in a light manner, we are not so sure of Jennifer Aniston’s significant other, Theroux. He /4/take it a little too seriously. Prince, with his huge Afro in which pencils and other objects of interest might be lurking, was smiling as usual.

He was compared to an elderly star with a similar Afro. The photobombing of the North Korean reporter photo by Cumberbatch was the highlight of the event. Cumberbatch is usually a very sober and normal chap and this act of his casts doubt on his sobriety and normality.

But such events are a perfect chance for many to lose their inhibitions so there was nothing wrong with Cumberbatch’s gay antics. The evening was a star-studded one alright and had all the makings of a memorable event that will long remain in the minds of the people who attended it. It will serve as a meme both on the Internet and in the cultural unconscious.   

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