Google buys Private Photo/Video Sharing and Backup App Odysee

Google buys Private Photo/Video Sharing and Backup App Odysee
  • Google Has Bought Odysee Which Helps Users Share Photos/Videos Privately

Odysee announced on their website that they will be joining the Google+ Team.

Odysee is an application that helps its users to share photos and videos privately. Now the application has been bought by Google and Odysee’s website said that they will be joining the Google+ Team. Odysee told their users that they always want to make apps that will make things easier for their users.

They will continue to make such apps as they have now joined the Google Team. Odysee also told their customers that they will continue their services till 23rd February and after that the users will be able to get their photos and videos through a downloadable archive.

So now it looks like Google is still trying to challenge Facebook. They are still looking at ways they could better their Google+ application.  Google+ was never a fan favorite as the majority of people are still using Facebook.

But Google is trying its very best to get there. It looks like Google will be adding a private photo sharing feature to their Google+ app. With the acquisition of Odysee, they will be able to add some more functionalities to their existing product.

Previously Odysee had apps on both the Play Store and the iTunes and that is why they have users from both Android and iOS. Previously with Odysee you were able to back up your photos and videos. So now it is possible that Google+ users will have the option to automatically back up their photos and videos to the cloud.

The Odysee app has been removed from the Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store. The application was uploaded by a group called Nimbuz Inc. and now we see that the group has pulled its applications from both of the stores. Google on the other hand have another option to make another application that is just there for your photos.

Just like Apple have the Photos application on the OS X, Google might be thinking of the same thing. If they decide to make a standalone app for photos, the users will surely get better security and they will be able to share photos privately. They will also have the option to save photos offline. If Google makes another app then it will have a big impact on their current and new users.

Source: Odysee via TechCrunch

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