Google Chrome Compiles Javascript in the Background to Speed Up Web Apps

Google Chrome Compiles Javascript in the Background to Speed Up Web Apps

Google Chrome has been literally taken for a spin by the moon-shot makers. This browser has been given a twist which will increase its speed way more than the previous snail’s pace. This is good news for the loyal user base of this browser.

V8 is the way JavaScript is converted to machine code. And this used to take place on the main line of text. Now however Chrome Beta allows simultaneous compilation which is a relief and a blessing. The solution makes the apps perform with alacrity. 

When you gaze into the black box which is this whole operation you see that compilation is delayed in the beginning. Then the process is covered quite quickly. An optimizer accomplishes the job for a second time with ease. Up until now the procedure was back breaking. It was literally a pain in the neck. But with V8 those days have gone with the wind. 

V8 is the device that optimizes the whole job with the utmost degree of flow. But it depends upon the backburner thread. The standard procedure is thereby smooth and straightforward. And the multitasking takes place without a hitch. This stuff which is mindboggling in itself is called concurrent compilation. Its function is to minimize the retardant effects of latency in the Chrome browser. 

While all this language /4/be a little too complex for comfort, suffice it to say that the technical issues have been resolved by Google’s high tech wizards behind the scenes. The customers who use Chrome on a regular basis will feel good about utilizing it. And this will be so without having to suffer any headaches as to why it works now!

Source: The Chromium Blog

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