Google, Disney Partnership will bring Disney’s Cloud Catalog to Android

Google, Disney Partnership will bring Disney's Cloud Catalog to Android

  • Disney has finally decided to join the technological race.
  • It has decided to shake hands with Google in order to provide its cloud movie locker on Google Play movies and Androids.

The world of cartoons and fantasy, Disney has finally decided to join the app war. It has decided to team up with Google and launch all its movie service on Android. The launch will make it possible and easy for consumers to watch any Disney movie that have purchased on iTunes on their Android device. This launch will also bring all the Disney movies to Android phones and Tablets. All you have to do is buy this app and all the Disney movies will be at your doorstep. 

The main objective of the Disney Movies Anywhere app is to make people understand and show them the value of digital ownership, according to the CTO, Jamie Voris of Disney. In other words Disney wants you to buy its movies, despite the fact that you have said your goodbyes to the physical disc. 

The Disney Movies Anywhere app allows you to watch the movies you have previously bought on iTunes on Android.  You can also watch those Disney movies whose discs you own. The disc comes with a digital copy coupon code.

In order to use this digital copy code, you have to link your Google account with your Disney account; you can also use your ESPN account. Once the linking is done, any movie that you have purchased through Google play will show up in iTunes, and vice versa. This exchange will take place only if your iTunes account is linked with your Disney Movies Anywhere. 

Disney is also planning to launch its own Disney Movies Anywhere app on Google play store. Early this year, Disney publicized a similar partnership with Apple and launched its Disney Movies Anywhere app on iTunes.

The Android and the iOS app offer almost the same features beside one small difference. On Android, you can beam the movie on your Television screen because the app supports Chromecast. 

Although you can do the same thing with Google Play Movies app, but Disney app also provides you the facility of chaptering. The chaptering feature allows user to jump from one part of the movie to another, just like a DVD player. The other feature that sets Disney app apart from iTunes Movie and Google Play Movies app is its ability to provide free short from content.

Then there is the loyalty program for the consumers, and also the app provides you the ability to resume a movie from the same spot on various devices. According to Voris, in the future Disney plans to launch the second screen feature as well.

The main idea behind introducing such app is to make consumers spend $15 to $20 on a new released movie, instead of them waiting for the movie to appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant. According to Voris, there is no other brand that has such amazing movies and Disney is the “most collectable brand in the world”. 

Source: GigaOM

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