Google Fit Update Fixes Heart Rate Sensor Bug

Google Fit Update Fixes Heart Rate Sensor Bug

The latest Google Fit update is now out and it is now compatible with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Note 4.

When Google announced the Google Fit app, it was incompatible with a lot of flagship phones. Now their latest update has increased support for a lot of phones including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. There was a bug in the long running heart rate sensor which has now been fixed by Google.

The Google Fit app was incompatible with most of the phones that were running the Android L. Samsung owners that had Android L also found out that when they used the Google Fit’s activity detection feature, it caused the phones’ heart rate sensors to become active all of the time.

Even when the screen was off the heart rate sensor kept on working and this did no wonders for the battery. The battery would drain quickly because of the sensor was running all of the time and this was rather annoying for the Samsung users.

Google decided to mark this ever so popular Samsung device as incompatible in the Play Store. The bug was irksome when used on Android Wear devices. So this six month old bug has been finally removed thanks to this Google Fit update.

The app is not marked as incompatible with Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You will see that now the heart rate sensor doesn’t keep working all of the time and it will only work when you ask for your heart rate.

The latest update is still being rolled out but at a very slow rate. There is a possibility that when you get the Google Fit app from the Play Store that it wouldn’t be the latest version of the app.

You can Google the latest version of the app and you can download it using your smartphone’s browser. And then you can install it from another website. But you will have to keep an eye on the Play Store because only there you will get the right update for Google Fit. 

Source: Android Official Blog

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