Google Mortgage Calculator is Live Now

Google Mortgage Calculator is Live Now

Credit: Google
  • You Can Use Google Mortgage Calculator So That You Don’t Go Overboard With Your Spending.

Google has come up with a great application which will help you stay in your financial boundaries. This means you can ask the app the amount you can borrow for that particular month so that you don’t overspend and are able to pay your mortgage on time.

We don’t like to use the phrase someone is trying to become God but Google is trying its very best to do just that. Google has integrated almost everything in its Google search application.

You can do simple things like calculations using the Google search app and you can also do somewhat complex calculations like converting foreign currency to your local one. Now the same Google search application is going to be giving it users the ability to do Mortgage calculation.

Google’s mortgage calculator quick direct answer is now live in the search results for variations of queries like ‘loan interest calculator’, ‘interest calculator’ and many other variations.

It is going to be helping its users become home owners and now you can simply ask Google the amount you can borrow in a single month. You can also ask simple things like if you have a 7% /5/then you can ask Google how much amount you can borrow for the upcoming 15 years or so.

Here is a feature which many people are going to love. As you pay the mortgage on your house, you grow older and even get promotions along the way. That means you start to earn more.

When that happens you start to think that you can start to pay more towards your mortgage and finish it before time. So Google will allow you to adjust the new mortgage amount, mortgage period and the interest rate.

Google will look at your financial options and it will see whether you can spend or whether you need to cut down so that you can stay in the best financial condition. We know there are many tools out there that claim that they can calculate your mortgage but this is an easier solution.

You don’t need to search for any websites and then go to the tools of those website. You can easily search for Google’s mortgage app and it will pop up on the first search.

There are some tools that are missing from the Google’s mortgage calculator such as calculation of property taxes and some other tools which are found in Zillow’s mortgage calculator, but Google will surely update this app in the future.

Sources: Google , Pete Meyers G+


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