Google Tone Chrome Extension Allows You Share URLs With Sound

Google Tone Chrome Extension Allows You Share URLs With Sound

  • A New Chrome Extension Helps Users Share URLs Through Audio Beep

The Tone Chrome extension will help the users with sharing URLs via audible beeps.

Now that the technology has advanced, it has become extremely easy to share things with our beloved ones. The E-mails, instant messaging and social media networks have made things easier for us. So now if you wanted to send someone a link to a URL, you would simply type a new message and send them that URL.

Now there is a new way with which you can share URLs with people sitting in the same room. Suppose you are working on some projects with your friends and all of you are looking up for relevant content.

You find something and now you want to share the link with your friends. This is where you will use Google’s new Tone Chrome extension. This new extension shares web pages to other Chrome browser within hearing distance.

Google Tone extension conveys the messages through sound. Google has always tried to do something new. They have tried it in the past to make computers communicate through sounds. Last year, Google bough SlickLogin.

This company specialized in making inaudible sounds as an authentication element. This Tone extension uses sound that you can hear and also your computer’s mic can hear. This offers an effortless fun way to share web pages with people.

This new extension uses the properties of human voice. Because it is using the properties of humans, it can inherit weaknesses and strengths. The tone that the computer produces when it is sharing something can’t go through walls.

Unless and until you manage to make the sound painfully high, it can’t pass walls. You need to be sitting side by side with your laptops so that your computer’s mic could hear the tone. Even if it is in the same room and at a distance, then it won’t be able to hear the tone.

Volume and proximity are essential to Tone working correctly. You will need to make sure that your computer volume is high so that when it makes the sound the other computer would hear it.

Source: Google

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