Google works with Australia’s biggest carrier to test Project Loon balloons

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Google works with Australia's biggest carrier to test Project Loon balloons
  • Google teams up with wireless carrier
  • Provide internet world-over
  • Beginning in Decemer


Google’s project related to fulfilling its wishes to provide internet to the entire world had gained quite some popularity over the past few months. Project Loon Balloons is a way of extending internet services to all areas with the help of a network of high-altitude balloons and it is ready to launch the first series of test flights in Australia. This initial testing is going to include 20 balloons which will be launched across western Queensland and once they begin the month of December, they will be the first to be conducted in the country.

This project is going to be an important milestone and marks the first time Google is going to collaborate with a wireless carrier in order to beam internet to the ground below. These flights are going to be run with the partnership of Google with Australia’s largest telecoms company, Telstra.

It has been few months since Google announced that it was going to join hands with the wireless companies around the world in order to make the project possible. Google plans to have the carriers lease these giant balloons instead of buying access to spectrum from large companies. At this testing stage, the carrier is giving Project Loon access to its base stations and a segment of its 2.6GHz spectrum.

source: theguardian, via

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