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The Grammys 2015 Red Carpet event attracted some pretty bizarre clothes and hairstyles along with some really good looks. In particular among these was the dominatrix black leather suit worn by Madonna and the garlic braided hairstyle of Iggy Azalea.

The Grammys 2015 was especially recognized by the bold, brave and beautiful clothing and hairstyles not to mention poses struck by the stars and starlets of the music world. There was Madonna, the Material Girl, in all her sadomasochistic glamour puss demeanor as a BDSM madam in a black leather suit that highlighted her bust and behind. She’s still got it alright.

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And then there was Rihanna in a reddish pink gown that was so wide at the bottom that it seemed to take up all the space around her. Rihanna who is used to flaunting it, since she has it, did not show so much nudity this time around though. She /4/be the good girl gone bad, and smoke a joint or two once in a while, but she still has class and manners. In fact, she looked much more graceful than Madonna.

As for Iggy Azalea, she wore a braided hairstyle that looked like a pillbox hat on her head. It was very odd in the extreme yet it also looked a bit beautiful on the Aussie rapper. Her cambric blue dress shone out in its eye-catching detail. And there were bits of skin showing in it at the knees and shoulders.

Beyonce was present in all her glory too. She wore a white dress part way and then also wore a brown dress while accepting the awards. Beyonce definitely appeared to be bootylicious. Jay Z is so damned lucky to have the most sensuous woman in the world as his wife. Taylor was there too and her blue colored dress matched Iggy’s in its tone and hue. And Ariana Grande wore a dull color yet the sexiness oozed from her every pore.

Almost all the actresses wore clothes that had slits and portions missing from them in an attempt at strip tease mock fashion. Even Chrissy Teigen had on her a white dress that showed off the bottom swell of her full and ample breasts. She was with hubby John Legend. Amy Adams and Anna Kendrick were there and lent some sex appeal to the event. As for Kanye and Kim, they wore a black coat and pant and golden revealing dress respectively.    

Kim and Kanye kissed before the cameras and it appeared that Kanye was getting turned on by his wife’s bountiful proximity. 

Madonna’s matador style dress had her butt showing from the back. Madonna actually lifted up her non-existent skirt in order to let the world get a closer look at her rear end. Truly, it seems there is no shame left in some people whatsoever. In a world where one is caught between the shamelessness of the West and the shame of the East where is one to go!

Madonna was joined by Nas onstage as she sang her latest song. Madonna seems to break all the rules and get away with it. She is indeed a cultural chameleon. And Miley, her protégé, was dressed to kill. She wore a black gown with her ankles and midriff playing peek-a-boo. Miley is indeed the enfant terrible of the pop universe. She spent half her life being the perfect Disney pop princess. Then her inner wild child emerged and she has never looked back since. Rihanna’s Barbie Doll dress was pretty far out. In fact, it was out of this world. And she looked imperious and mercurial wearing it.  

Some of the other highlights of the show included Charlie XCX who wore a pink faux fur stole alongside a white coat and pants. The Grammys is an especially free-for-all place where fashion can be as crazy or cool as the stars like.

Katy Perry especially wore a dress that was virtually non-existent. It clearly showed every part of her body from every possible angle. Basically it was a shimmering series of strip-lets that hung from her frame. This made her look very delectable and I bet every single gaze must have landed on her very vulnerable body at the Grammys 2015.

As for Sam Smith, he changed from a black tuxedo to a red suit in between the scenes. He looked so happy from the looks of it. Sam has every reason to be damned proud. He won such a series of accolades for Britain. It was one of those rare moments when the Brits attacked and won it big time at an American function.

Overall the interest-o-meter got raised by several degrees and there were very few (if any) awkward moments. The musicologists and mixologists did their stuff and this led to an evening when the word “awesome” took on a wholly new and different meaning!   


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