Greer Grammer, Daughter of Kelsey Grammer, becomes Miss Golden Globe 2015

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Greer Grammer, Daughter of Kelsey Grammer, becomes Miss Golden Globe 2015

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Kelsey Grammer’s daughter has been made Miss Golden Globe 2015 and the news was first released by Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The news came on Thursday and Kelsey Grammer‘s young daughter Greer Grammer has been made Miss Golden Globe 2015. Greer Grammer will be visiting many cities as Miss Golden Globe 2015. She said that she was flattered to be awarded such a prestigious award.

Kelsay Grammer’s daughter was chosen by the HFPA and she said that it was true honor to be included in this experience because she would be working with very top level men and women. The president of HFPA revealed the news on Thursday when he was at the Fig & Olive in West Hollywood.

There was a party with the InStyle Magazine and the president of HFPA was attending it. By default the awards are known as Globes but this award is a unique one as it is the Miss Golden Globe award. HFMA makes sure that the female they choose is always from a famous family.

Last year we saw Kevin Bacon’s daughter was chosen for the honor. Francesca Eastwood was awarded the award after her popular hit reality show. The name of the show was Mrs. Eastwood & Company. Greer Grammer said that she is going to go to the last year’s Miss Golden Globe and she will ask her opinion on the role.

She said that she will ask her as much as possible so that she could do her duties properly. She said that it is really important to get advice from the person who has already done the gig. She also might visit Rumer Willis and Lily Costner.

She will also go to the woman who is doing Fifty Shades of Grey because at that time she will be promoting her upcoming movie. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are going to be hosting the Golden Globes awards and we will see them up there for a third year running.

The Golden Globes award will be on 11th January at the Beverly Hilton. Greer Grammer recently graduated from the University of Southern California and theater was here major at the university. Her parents were really happy when she was announced as Miss Golden Globe.

She said that she phoned them separately. Greer said that they are really excited to see me on the stage. Greer Grammer has played Lissa on the show Awkward and also had a role in a film called Mia in Life Partners which will come this year. Her duty would be handing out awards on the screen. She will be on the stage with Hollywood’s A-list stars. 

Sources: People , TheWrap

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