Greta Van Susteren Interviews Jill Abramson Before Katie Couric

Greta Van Susteren Interviews Jill Abramson Before Katie Couric


Greta Van Susteren has taken in depth interview of Jill Abramson last night. This is one of two interviews with the fired New York Times editor for the first time since her dismissal. Katie Couric will take the other interview today.

/4/was the month in which Jill Abramson was fired from the editorship of the New York Times. Two news anchors from Fox News and Yahoo News, Greta Van Susteren and Katie Couric respectively have taken interviews of Abramson. 

And these are the first two interviews of the controversial editor after she was relieved from her highly prestigious job. Greta Van Susteren conducted the first interview last night while Katie Couric will be undertaking the second one today . 

Katie “Couric’s interview is currently scheduled to run on the Yahoo homepage on Thursday afternoon,” a Yahoo spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.

In case of Couric, the points that will get discussed include: the general day to day existence at the New York Times, the obstacles encountered by females in their careers and the radically transforming media mindscape. 

It seems though that Greta Van Susteren has outdone Katie Couric since she has taken the first interview of the two. Van Susteren’s interview with Abramson was aired yesterday on Fox at 7 p.m. Watch the video clip of Jill Abramson telling On the Record about fer firing from New York Times.

Abramson happened to be the very first female editor of the New York Times. Thus her being shown the pink slip /4/be said to have been a male chauvinist act of sexist discrimination against women in general. 

She is reported to have said in a separate statement to the press that while getting sacked sucked, in a way it also symbolized the spirit of democracy and freedom that was so characteristic of a pluralistic and multicultural society. 

“Sure, losing a job you love hurts,” Jill Abramson said in May. ”But the work I revere — journalism that holds powerful institutions and people accountable — are what makes our democracy so resilient — this is the work I’ll very much remain a part of.”

Where everybody had the freedom and license to do as they pleased provided it didn’t break some very big rules, there was bound to be a little friction and stubbed toes. 

In a way, Katie Couric will not be the loser since her interview will carry weight with audiences too. It is just this that the first impression is normally the one that lasts. 

And so Greta Van Susteren will be in a favorable position as far as calling the first shots is concerned. Her angle on the whole issue is the one that will get the major exposure and Katie Couric will have to make do with playing second fiddle.    

But “Susteren is a TV correspondent and Couric now traffics in Internet news, so technically one could argue they aren’t direct competitors. Couric is still free to promote her interview as the first of its kind online,” according to The Wrap.

Watch Jill Abramson explain why she believes President Obama’s administration the most secretive and “profoundly different” from other administrations she has covered in our ON THE RECORD interview from last night’s show.

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