Winnie Cooper’s Engaged: Danica McKeller Tells Twitter

The Wonder Years Alum shared the news on Twitter and Facebook and surprising many.

Winnie Cooper's Engaged: Danica McKeller Tells Twitter

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Winnie Cooper’s Engaged: Danica McKeller Tells Twitter

Former child actor Danica McKeller’s engaged to lawyer Scott Sveslosky, which she publicly announced on Twitter.

Excited, the actress posted the news Wednesday, July 16, with the caption “So…can you guess what my big announcement is?” linked to an Instagram picture. The 39-year-old radiated joy while pointing at the engagement ring, cheeks pink and eyes shining bright.

Continuing on, the actress confirmed, “This is the guy that Valentin Chermekosvkly did a shout-out on DancingWith the Star!” Reminding people of a shout-out where the dancer openly thanked Sveslosky for letting the two partner up without any sort of drama.

Let’s face it. It is kind of cool when you can dance with a childhood crush. Who didn’t crush on Winnie Cooper’s soft voice, big brown eyes, and gentle spirit? And obviously secure in their relationship, her then-boyfriend was “amazing.”

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Wonder Years alum this happy.

Previously married to composer Mike Verta, the couple had son Draco in 2010 during their three-year marriage. The divorce was finalized in February 2013 and formerly ended their 12-year relationship.

Of course, outside marriage and an acting career, she’s a mathematic genius with a coauthored paper on the subject. (Not something a lot of Hollywood performers can boast about.) Not to mention writing four books encouraging girls to enjoy math and not be afraid of society’s usual comment—“girls aren’t good at math”—when the young woman feels a pull for the subject. Pretty nice message, really.

Yep, she might be one of the more studious stars. Well, she did earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with honors in 1998. That’s summa cum laude, “with highest honor,” so her grades couldn’t suck.

And he’s no slouch, either. Charlotte Triggs’ “Danica McKellar Engaged to Scott Sveslosky” for People reports he works for Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, LLP. According to the National Review, the international law firm has been around for over 80 years and currently employs over 600 attorneys. As an Am100 firm, the company has offices throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Scott Sveslosky, Danica McKellar’s Fiance: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know” by Heavy’s Angela Barbuit remarks that after earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Southern Californa in 1998, he acquired a law degree from USC in 2001. Interestingly both he and McKeller graduated with their bachelor degrees in the same year.

Looking at his Sveslosky on the company’s website, he’s definitely worked hard for his partnership position in the Business Trial Practice Group portion the firm’s Los Angeles office. The lawyer specializes in business and insurance, such as “violation of the federal RICO statute, misappropriation of trade secrets, bad faith and related causes of action.”

He’s not afraid to go after hard cases and win them. Probably a bonding feature since both are tenacious about success and hard work, judging by their professional accolades. And that tenacity will work for them when blending a family since he has 10-year-old son Hunter from a previous marriage as well.

Congratulations to the couple and /4/their relationship shine as bright as her eyes do right at this moment.


Source: People, National Review, Sheppard Mullin, Heavy



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