GTA V introduces its First Person Mode

GTA V introduces its First Person Mode

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The updated version is finally out.

GTA V is going to be out tomorrow for Play Station 4 and Xbox One. It is the same game that came out last year except that it has been updated and is now much cooler. Everything is the same from the story to the characters, even the city is the same. 

However the developer RockStar this time has added one main feature that is going to make you crazy while playing the game. Plus the Play Station 4 and Xbox One have some built-in capabilities that will give the gamers a new experience. 

The feature that has been added by Rock Star to its world famous game is a first person mode. Now gamers can enjoy the GTA world from the eyes of the three heroes. While sitting in the car the gamers will enjoy a cockpit view and that is amazing.

The shooting also gets so much fun in first person mode and shooting is the most fun part in GTA. First person helps in shooting as it becomes easy to target enemies. You can even experience the color change when you put on sunglasses in the first person mode.

RockStar has actually really worked hard to develop this feature and it shows. Another aspect of this feature is that now the gamers can also get a first person view of prostitutes. The first person mode has definitely made all the crime scenes more immense with more realistic graphics. RockStar has given its fans a treat as now the gamers can enjoy a sex act being performed on them by a prostitute with this new feature of theirs. 

Another feature for the gamers to upgrade GTA V on PS4 or Xbox One is not due to RockStar’s development; rather it is because of Sony’s and Microsoft’s built-in features. This is the easy screenshots and video-sharing feature. Now the gamers have an option to upload their GTA V videos very easily. 

People have also raised their concerns over the prostitute and criminal content in GTA V especially when it is coming with a first person view, as people think kids are going to be negatively affected by this.

However this is not the case as studies have shown that there is no link between violent video games and aggression in those who play them. Moreover GTA and other such games are mostly appropriate for specific age groups.

GTA V is rated for gamers above 18, so it means that whatever this age group sees in movies also experiences in the games they play. The rest is on the parents if they want their underage child to play GTA V or not.

So in the end GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One has its new features and benefits it has nothing new that the gamers did not play last year. Although I highly recommend to upgrade this new version o GTA V to experience the first person mode as it changes the world of GTA V. 

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