GTA V’s Rockstar Editor Makes It To The Gaming Consoles

GTA V's Rockstar Editor Makes it to the Gaming Consoles

The tool has been tailored to suit the PS4 and the Xbox One

Everyone had been waiting long for the PC version of the famous GTA V and now that it’s finally here, we are pretty excited with the new features and format. One of the highly anticipated things from this PC version is the title’s PC-only movie making feature. After its popularity, the Rockstar Editor would also be coming to the current gen gaming consoles.

News about the upcoming movie maker on the gaming consoles was announced today through the developers’ official blog. It was also revealed in the announcement that the movie tool would take up more processing power and this is why it is only being brought to the current gen consoles – the last year gaming consoles would not be able to handle the power requirement. A special version of this tool, which has been tailored to suit the PS4 and the Xbox One, is soon going to be out on the shelves.

However, we are not yet sure when the tool is going to be released for the consoles. Rockstar has only gone so far as to say that “We hope to release that sometime this summer, or as soon as it is ready.”

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