Salman Khan Prison Sentence Delayed

Salman Khan Prison Sentence Delayed

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The famous Bollywood celeb Salman Khan’s prison sentence, handed to him for killing a man in a hit-and-run accident more than a decade ago, has been delayed.

Salman Khan, the highly influential Bollywood hero, has had his prison sentence undergo procrastination thanks to leniency shown by the judge. Exactly 13 years ago, he hit a man while driving his car. The man died and Salman Khan ran away from the scene. For this he was awarded five years behind bars, a sentence he has yet to serve.  

Khan, who is worth millions, has made many investments in various schemes, some of which had their shares in the stock market go up when this latest decision was announced. The judge showed some leniency and said that such a well-known person as Salman Khan cannot be put in jail at the drop of a hat and his fame will be taken into consideration. 

Khan was drunk when his car hit a couple of people sleeping on the sidewalk killing one of them in the process in 2002. Khan’s advocate spoke in his defense by saying that his vehicle’s tire had burst and that the other passengers in the car besides Khan too took his side when it came to his innocence.  

Salman Khan will have to cough up 30,000 rupees as bail money and furthermore rescind the right to the free usage of his passport. He /4/travel abroad though with the prior permission of the concerned authorities. Khan wasn’t even present in court when this decision was announced by the magistrate. 

Khan was found guilty of homicide and was furthermore charged of driving without the necessary car papers. The man he killed was a homeless vagrant. But he is not out of the labyrinth of the law just yet. A hearing of his case will take place in June of this year.  

One of the judges who examined his case closely rejected Khan’s lawyer’s claim that his chauffeur was driving the vehicle when it hit the poor man at 55 mph. Khan also stands accused of cowardly behavior since he never visited the hospital to inquire as to his victim’s health. 

Salman Khan is in serious trouble in spite of the current break from going to prison that he is enjoying. Several Bollywood stars however did visit the brawny actor at his residence to show that they were on his side. They included among their ranks: Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Karan Johar, Sonakshi Sinha and Kareena Kapoor.   

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