Halo: Spartan Strike Now Available For Windows 8, IOS And Steam

Halo: Spartan Strike Now Available on Windows 8, iOS and Steam

Credit: Xbox

  • Microsoft Is Once Again Increasing Support For Its Halo: Spartan Strike
  • Available on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iPhone, iPad and Steam

Its looks like Microsoft wants to expand its Halo franchise and now we can see the Halo: Spartan Strike has been launched on multiple platforms.

Microsoft is always trying to improve support for its Halo franchise. It always looks beyond genres and beyond platforms. Now it is increasing support for the Halo: Spartan Strike game and it will be available on multiple platforms.

The game was initially made for the Xbox but now its supports is being increased to iPad, iPhone, Windows 8, Steam and even the Windows Phone. But we still can’t see any glimmer of hope for Android.

In terms of its story, this game takes place during some of the events of Halo 2. Its predecessor Hale: Spartan Assault was situated just before the events of Halo 4. You will see that you will take the role of a Spartan soldier.

You will be navigating through the cities and jungles on foot and on vehicles. You will be shooting everything down but this will be all to your benefit as you will be seeing everything from a top-down angle. The game has been very carefully designed for touch devices.

You will get revamped touch controls with easier gameplay. Even if Microsoft decides to bring it on Android, the Android users will get a rich graphics experience in this game. The game’s soundtrack is just beautiful. It comes from an award winning composer Tom Salta.

So if you want to buy the game on Windows Store, the game will cost you $5.99 on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The game will be shortly available on the iTunes App Store for iPhones and iPads.

Both the iOS and Steam will get a bundle. In this bundle the users will get the both games which include Halo: Spartan Assault and the Halo: Spartan Strike. These users will get a discount on the games and they will only have to pay $9.99 for both the games. Microsoft is still to decide whether they will increase their Halo support for the Android platform.

Source: Xbox

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