Harrison Ford Is Battered but OK after Plane Crash

Harrison Ford is Battered but OK after Plane Crash

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  • Harrison Ford injured in an Airplane Crash
  • Ford is Battered but Alive and Well

The star of many action movies, Harrison Ford, was injured in an airplane crash in California recently. The injuries are not severe and he is expected to recover from his wounds soon.

Harrison Ford recently flew a WWII airplane and had to make an emergency landing after the aircraft stalled upon take-off. Paramedics began attending to his wounded condition immediately and he is expected to recover pretty soon from the minor injuries he has incurred.

Harrison crash landed on a golf course after the plane had problems flying into the air. His son said on Twitter than his father /4/have been battered by the accident but he was as much of a man as he ever was and would recuperate back to health within no time at all.

A few moments after Harrison’s plane took off, he called on ground control and told them that he needed to make an emergency landing. One of the people gasped as Harrison’s plane plummeted into the gold course near the airport in California.

Several individuals hurried to the plane and managed to extricate Ford from the cockpit. They were apprehensive lest the plane burst into flames due to the crash landing. First aid services were brought to assuage Ford’s wounds. He had a huge cut on his head from which he was bleeding.

Ford was barely conscious. Ford is a veteran aviator and his plane rides have often ended in emergency landings in the past. The man is rough and tough alright. Ford suffered a bad gash to the head and he also had an injured arm when he was taken to a nearby hospital.

It’s a good thing that he is a survivor and alive and well despite the atrocious accident. Ford had hit the plane’s panel of flight instruments and he had also struck the control stick. He has been operated upon since then. 

The plane Ford was flying is a single engine Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR. Ford had taken off in it from Santa Monica Airport. Ford reported engine failure and spoke to ground control regarding his immediate landing which was a necessity. He was lucky that there was a golf course nearby.

The airplane hit the top of a tree before plunging to the ground in a spiral. Many airports have golf courses nearby since they serve as handy emergency landing areas. It was indeed a wise decision taken by the city planners to build a golf course close to the airport. 

Ford is an enthusiastic aviator and was involved in a previous crash too. Another pilot was with him way back then and luckily the two didn’t incur any injuries. But he has not been so lucky this time around.

Harrison Ford had blood all over his head when he was rescued from his crashed airplane. The multiple lacerations he has sustained will take time to heal. But his fans can rest assured that he will make a full recovery. TMZ first reported about the incident.

His son, the chef and restaurant owner, Ben, has said that his dad is tough enough and will be alright within no time. As for the FAA, it is ready to make an investigation into the causes of the aircraft engine failure.

Harrison Ford’s publicist, Ina Treciokas, told NBC News afterwards of how the conditions were such that he simply had to make an emergency landing. The engine was spluttering and smoke was coming out of the fuselage.

The Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor is a darling of the Hollywood crowd who adore him for his bravery and macho image. Get well soon, Harrison, for you still have a lot of flying trips to make!

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