Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Reason Revealed

Harrison Ford expected to make Full Recovery After Plane Crash

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  • Harrison Ford expected to make Full Recovery After Plane Crash

Harrison Ford’s plane crashed in a golf course on Thursday due to engine troubles but he only sustained minor injuries and is expected to recover completely after a few operations.

On Thursday Harrison Ford crash landed a small World War II vintage plane on a golf course ground. A group of doctors playing golf saw the crash and came to his aid and pulled him out of the plane rubble. Luckily there was no explosion and Ford did not suffer serious injuries.

According to the family of the actor Ford is battered but better in health. After the crash Ford was hospitalized due to some minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

The injuries are not life threatening but Ford /4/have to undergo a few routine surgeries for some of his injuries. The surgeries are not major without any risk involved and his family is hoping for the best. Before crashing Ford’s plane clipped a tree while diving towards the ground. 

The reason for the crash landing and an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the plane crash. According to NTSB reports Ford experienced engine trouble shortly after the take-off of the World War II single engine plane.

Get More Details About Harrison Ford’s Plane Crashes and Aviation Heroics.

The actor who portrayed the characters of Han Solo and Indiana Jones took flight from the Santa Monica Municipal Airport but asked for an immediate return to the airport following engine troubles.

However Ford’s plane could not reach the runway back to the airport and crashed in the Vancouver golf course instead. In a statement his publicist said Ford had no other choice but to make an emergency landing and he did so in the safest possible way.     

When Ford’s plane landed in the golf course a spine surgeon Sanjay Khurana was playing golf with his friend. Khurana ran to the scene of the crash and recognized Ford by his face. Khurana shared with ABC News he is old enough or young enough to have watched all of Harrison Ford’s Star Wars movies and easily recognized the famous pilot.

When Khurana first arrived on the scene Ford was apparently stunned by the crash and he was moaning in pain. Some of the golfers went ahead and extracted Ford from the plane and tried to stabilize his spine and neck, meanwhile Khurana checked his blood pressure and airways. 

A group of golfers help extract Ford from the plane and worked to stabilize his spine and neck. Khurana tried to check the man’s blood pressure and his airway, ensuring that he would be OK, until the ambulance and paramedics arrived on the scene. As a surgeon Khurana had practice in dealing with emergencies and Ford definitely benefited from it. 


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