Heddoko to demonstrate its First Fully Integrated Garment Live at the Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup

Heddoko to demonstrate its First Fully Integrated Garment Live at the Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup


  • Heddoko is a finalist in the 2015 Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup that will be held in Munich, Germany on /2/2.


The 3D garment technology by Heddoko has been chosen among hundreds of global competitors. Heddoko will demonstrate its first fully integrated garment live at the event and it will also announce two new partnerships.

Heddoko is the first company to launch a 3D motion capture sports garment and has been nominated as one of the 20 lucky finalists from among over 500 global companies for the Innovation World Cup.

This Innovation World Cup will take place in Munich, Germany at the 14th Wearable Technologies Conference 2015. The conference starts on February 2nd, 2015.

Now what has the company provided that made it such popular at the conference? Well Heddoko basically provided a solution made of smart compression shirts and pants that track the movement of the body joints.

This is done by the use of textile embedded sensors. It has been designed to be a virtual coach for amateur and professional athletes. 

These new e-garments will transmit live data to the users by capturing the full body movements and modeling it in 3D. This then coaches the users to improve their performance and alleviate the risk of injury.

Mr. Elbawab the CEO of Heddoko stated that the motion capture has long been in existence in Hollywood and the gaming industry and now it is time to make it accessible to all sports enthusiasts.

Nod is powering the Heddoko garment and Nod Lab supplies the important motion sensing hardware and software that makes this innovative Heddoko garment possible.

Arun Karamcheti the Head of Partnerships at Nod Labs stated that sensing human motion is very a very difficult and complicated task.

However Nod Labs provides the essential parts for very accurate capturing of movements from multiple sensors over extended periods of time. 

Then there is StretchSense which as important and essential to Heddoko as Nod Labs. This is because the StretchSense provides crucial stretch sensing technology to Heddoko.

Basically StretchSense develops and creates stretchable sensors that are reliable, accurate, easy to use, comfortable and do not interfere with natural motion.

The choice by Heddoko to select StretchSense as their supplier is very commendable. This is because StretchSense has also been nominated as a finalist in the WT Innovation World Cup this time. 

The Heddoko solution includes a combination of an intelligent garment, a back-end system, a mobile application and a web dashboard. This intelligent garment then captures the data of the user’s movement and sends it to the mobile application in order for the user to read and analyze the data.

The mobile application basically carries out two important tasks. One of these tasks is that the application models the 3D movement of the user’s body. This then gives the users the important live coaching that they require.

Moreover it also transmits all the information to the artificial intelligence (AI) back-end system. Now the AI back-end system is very important as this system compiles and analyzes all the captured information over time in order to determine body metrics.

Secondly the application provides dashboards and reports that the users can edit and customize to track performances and enhance the user’s experience. It seems that the Heddoko garment is going to be a hit with such brilliant technology.

The 14th Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of February in in Munich, Germany. The event is supposed to host more than 80,000 visitors and will have around 100 exhibitors.

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