Hello Barbie: The First Wi-Fi Doll that Your Kids can Interact With

Hello Barbie: The First Wi-Fi Doll that Your Kids can Interact With

Credit: David Chickering / Mattel

First internet-connected Barbie doll will be able to talk with your kids and it will learn what they like or dislike.

Barbie is every girl’s favorite doll when they are little. Little girls usually like to talk to their dolls and they like to play with them as they dress them and comb their hair. The Barbie doll was only able to listen but now it will be able to answer you.

The new Barbie doll which talks was released at New York Toy Fair on Valentine’s Day by Mattel. This new doll has speech recognition technology which lets the doll respond to your questions. You can think of the toy like Google Now or Siri but the fact she’s a doll with an internet connection.

If your little girl wants to become a doctor and she has mentioned that to the Barbie doll, then the doll will remember what you told her and she will bring up the topic in later conversations. This new doll will be able to learn the user and their likes and dislikes.

The doll will tell your child jokes and will also play games with them. When we first heard about a talking doll the first thing that came into our minds was Chucky. But Barbie is nothing like Chucky as it will become your child’s best friend.

This doll is good at reading the user and it genuinely takes interest in what you like. One thing that many parents will love about the doll is that your kid can only play for about an hour with the doll.

After that it would need to recharge itself because let’s face it there isn’t enough space for batteries in such a small doll which is connected with the internet and uses speech recognition. So your kid won’t be able to drag the doll everywhere and become less social.

The kids will be able to play with the doll while its batteries are being recharged. The new doll will help your kid in many ways as it will never run out of interesting things to say. Your girl will need to speak near her head when she is asking the doll a question. Then she will have to press a button on her belt to get her to speak. This doll will cost you $74.99.


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