Hey Siri. The Apple Watch Made Me Start Using You

Hey Siri. The Apple Watch Made Me Start Using You

I have never adopted Siri on the iPhone, but on the Apple Watch I started to do it.

I am using the Apple Watch since the weekend and besides the sweat issue and lack of cool apps, i am surprised how useful that new Apple gadget is. Now I even started to use Siri. I have never adopted Siri on the iPhone as i always had the feeling that I am faster doing what I wanted myself. I already have pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, I might as well use it. With the Apple Watch that changed.

It is faster to tell Siri to create a reminder on the Apple Watch than to pull out the iPhone and do it there. Opening apps on the Apple Watch is also working well and fast. Apple should expand the voice control to functions inside the apps to overcome the sweaty fingers issue. If I could say something like “Hey Siri press End” inside the workout app, I would not have to get frustrated trying to tap the button with my sweaty fingers. Siri can already start a workout, so why stop there?

I like to use the voice activation of Siri with the phrase “Hey Siri.” I don’t like the lag until she is ready to listen. This lag is confusing and causes issues of Siri understanding my commands. This needs adapting.

I still feel a bit uncomfortable to talk to Siri when with other people present. Another thing that needs adapting. Apple introduced Siri four years ago, but as said I have never found that Apple’s digital assistant was useful. The Apple Watch is going to be key in making Siri used more widely. 

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