Hollywood Film Awards 2014 : It was Pirates Of The Caribbean All Over Again For Johnny Depp

It Was Pirates Of The Caribbean All Over Again For Johnny Depp

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The star of Pirates Of The Caribbean was on stage for the Hollywood awards and it seemed like he was still playing Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp went on stage to honor Shep Gordon. That is when people realized that he was drunk and wasn’t even able to stand up straight. If we say that he was playing Jack Sparrow we wouldn’t be wrong.

Johnny Depp was there so that he could award Shep Gordon on the night. When he started speaking on stage, people realized that he was stumbling and really struggling throughout his speech. Johnny Depp was given the responsibility to cover the Hollywood Documentary of 2014.

A lot of people were left with their mouths open when he started cursing on the stage. As soon as Depp got on stage he said “This is the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen”. And yes, he did knock down the microphone when he was on the stage.

After that he took out his speech and said “Okay, I’m going to read this thing”. Johnny admitted that he wasn’t really good at these types of presentations. We can now see why he wasn’t good at these types of presentations as he was completely intoxicated.

Many of his fans tried defending Johnny Depp on twitter. They weren’t able to hide the fact that he was completely drunk. Michael Keaton and Queen Latifah came after Johnny Depp and they said it is because of the unlimited amounts of drinks available on these types of events that sometimes people get hammered.

Johnny Depp’s appearance last night became a trending event on twitter. People started posting their opinions on Depp’s performance even before Johnny walked off the stage. Mike Myers who made the documentary called “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon” said Johnny Depp was really rock n’ roll.

Johnny Depp is working these days in a film called “Into The Woods”. He is playing a big bad wolf and we believe this big bad wolf will at least be sober. Some movies have strange roles for their characters and the big bad wolf’s character requires just that.

This means Johnny Depp will be perfect for the role of wolf in the movie. When we take a look at Johnny’s previous films, we will see that he has done all of the weird characters. But all in all Shep Gordon and Mike Myers were happy with Johnny’s performance and said that they have always thought of Johnny as a rock n’ roll man.

People have started loving Johnny even more after his last night’s performance. They believe that he was playing trademark Johnny Depp and that is why they loved him.

Source: Variety , Hollywood Life , Heavy

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