HoloLens starts the Era of Holographic Computing

Microsoft's HoloLens starts the Era of Holographic Computing

  • Microsoft’s HoloLens brings the Era of Holographic Computing

HoloLens is a project started by Microsoft that consists of a new pair of holographic goggles that presents reality in the form of holograms before the viewer. It is truly magical in its scope.

Microsoft is about to unveil its latest venture and it will blow away the competition. Look out…Apple and Google as well as Samsung!

The company started by a genius with Aspergers like Bill Gates has got an ace up its sleeve that will make it the likely winner of future VR. VR as all of us know stands for Virtual Reality. Where you enter a different environment from your own is old hat though.

What Project HoloLens allows the user is a complete handle on reality in holographic form. The headset constructed from scratch looks like the elderly grandfather of Google Glass but it is actually a super-sophisticated computer that can fit onto the wearer’s skull and simulate reality.

The device lets you mix reality and fantasy and enjoy the best of both worlds. Invented by Alex Kipman, this baby is still a top secret code word at Microsoft’s premises. It has yet to see the light of day but when it does come to the fore, it will simply make the mare go.  

Basically a prototypical model of the final version is being manufactured under the code name Project Baraboo at Microsoft. Also known as simply “B” this little critter comes from the strangely wild imagination of its creater Alex who sports long hair and has a nervous manner of fidgeting in an itchy way.

If you count the amount of years that it took him to get this project off the ground, it would be seven to be exact. The man definitely put in a lot of serious thought into this unique invention of his.

The original technological thing he designed for Microsoft was called Kinect. From there onwards as they say the rest is history. Released five years ago, the Kinect gaming device sold like hotcakes.

Yet even then, Alex let it be known that his next project will put even the Kinect venture to shame. As Alex introduces the onlooking people to his invention he probably feels a vibe of pride at what he has accomplished.

He explains in very clear and simple words that the next stage is called analog and it will be a far cry from our current digital universe. The two are as similar as a dog and a cat.  

According to Alex, the past was all about using an interface and entering a remote cyberspace situation that seemed disconnected from any direct intervention by the user. Yet in the future this will all change beyond recognition.

Those who would prefer to put on their HoloLens will be able to mediate in the environment via their simulator goggles. And their computerized wearable device could handle stuff that is a thousand times more complex than the problems of the present which are child’s play by comparison.

In other words, the future is one of holograms. A hologram is the closest that mankind has gotten to reality. They say both the universe and the human body (and mind) are holograms.

A hologram depicts in one area what is also present in all other areas in a metaphorical form. Alex handed one of the onlookers the toy which goes way beyond the toys of today’s generation.

He demonstrates how a person wearing HoloLens will be able to attend a conference far away like it was happening before their very eyes and also fly high above the Grand Canyon the next minute in order to de-stress from the work load. It seems unbelievable until you give it a go! 

Basically, the goggles magnify the powers of the Kinect by several degrees. They are like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. And they don’t heat your head much either like holding a phone to your ears does.

What this gadget does is get really physical (in fact metaphysical is a better word) with the brain. It hoodwinks and hijacks the mind and takes it on a journey beyond its wildest fantasies. Maybe the end of technology and the start of bionics (biology + electronics) is at hand after all.

Almost like magic, the technology makes you imagine things that are not possible on a very realistic basis. With hand gestures you might be able to do anything from turning on a light switch to travelling to a foreign planet such as Mars.

Reality /4/not be enough but with this hologram-hydra of high technology, you /4/enter the strange and surreal realm of hyper-reality. And while the date when it comes on store shelves is very far off, the cat is out of the bag for now.

All consumers will most likely feel a shiver of excitement at the sheer thought of this wondrous widget being a part of everyday reality. Two cheers for Alex and Microsoft! 

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