Homemade beer made easier to brew with smartphone controlled Brewie

Homemade beer made easier to brew with smartphone controlled Brewie

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  • Use with smartphone, tablet or computer
  • 200 pre installed recipes

All you have to do is toss in the ingredients, scan the recipe card and hit start.

Homebrewing isnt entirely a new concept; we have seen gadgets before which aim to make this process easier and simpler enough to be successuflly carried out at homes. But of course with this growing technology all around us, we are now met with an even better solution. This one is called Brewie which is basically a self-contained brewhouse that will have your next batch started in minutes.

The brewing process, which otherwise might sound really complicated, has been made easier thanks to the simplicity of the settings and measurements which have all been included in the pre-portioned kits and an RFID card which sorts this all out for you. So before you get started by hitting that start button, all you have to do is put in the ingredients and scan the recipe and voila!

This was for your basic homebrewing requirement but the gadget is all open to modofications. You can do your desirable tweaks here and there and for this flexibility the machine offers over 23 separate parameters including water levels, boiling temps, hop additions, etc. This easily enables further fine tuning if you desire it. You need to dial in the Double IPA only once and after that Brewie is going to save these settings and the same will be applied for the next batch.

And in case you are looking for something different, there are 200 recipes already programmed onto the machine. The Wi-Fi ability of the machine makes it all the more interesting. You can control the machine from your computer, tablet or even smartphone. You can easily do so by relaying real-time info on the suds and alerting you when the brewing process is finished. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a 4.3 inch touchscreen for the on board controls so you can easily navigate through the recipes and the settings.

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