Honey Boo Boo Star Mama June seen guilty of harboring Child Molester in her Family’s Midst

Honey Boo Boo Star Mama June seen guilty of harboring Child Molester in her Family’s Midst

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The star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo that is Mama June is seen guilty of harboring a child molester in her family’s midst.

Can this mom be a monster in reality?! According to media reports, the shame and the horror of allowing a child molester, who abused her eldest daughter Anna Cardwell, to hang around the house ten years after his stint in jail is too much for even the most ultra-liberal parents amongst us.

And the fact that this heinously hateful man perpetrated the sexual attacks on her daughter not once, not twice, but many times in a row, reeks of the wickedness and moral turpitude of the child abuser. He should have been castrated for his sins. The poor girl was barely a prepubescent when he touched her repeatedly in various places. It is a miracle that he didn’t damage her psyche on a permanent basis.  

Meanwhile, new reports say that this crazy beast of a man was also responsible for even greater crimes against the poor girl. It is a case of lost innocence thanks to the iniquitous deeds of a criminal that didn’t have the words mercy, sympathy or empathy in his dictionary. Yet that is precisely the saddest thing since Mama June is letting this perfect stranger and cruel man back into her life despite all the evidence that points to his pedophilic tendencies which are recidivist in nature.

Anna had even told authorities that she had done the “s” word with Mark. She also said that he often touched her genitals and even had her touch his. This is a preposterous case of out-and-out child abuse. Anna had tried to stop Mark from abusing her but he wouldn’t stop the illegal interaction. Most of the sexual abuse that was quite explicit in nature took place in the year 2002. 

Mark McDaniel was put behind bars for the criminal offense of abusing a minor. The original charges against him had been dropped (such is the law in our days) and it was only later on that such additional charges as rape and sexual battery got added to the list. All in all the scumbag got ten years in jail. But now he is out of jail and he is up to his old ways. As the saying goes, nature cannot be changed.

Among the evidence that has been discovered are videos of McDaniel doing all sorts of perverted acts with Anna including oral sex (fellatio and cunnilingus). The very thought is extremely disturbing and brings images of the devil to mind. Anna talked to the media about her mom’s about-turn in these matters. She said that she was definitely hurt and it was curtains as far as her and her mother’s relationship was concerned.  

The fact of the matter was that Mama June had many men in her life and most of them had been involved in criminal activities. One of them (other than McDaniel) had also been guilty of a sexual offense against children. Then there were those who had been into stealing and petty misdemeanors such as shoplifting. Anna’s own father once stole a gun and even nicked a pack of cigarettes from a supermarket.

That the Discovery Channel never really ran a check on the family of Honey Boo Boo before the show began, which was to become so famous, shows its incompetence and failure to foresee what would happen years afterwards in the future. Usually before starting reality TV shows, the stars that appear on them are screened so that any crimes they /4/have committed or skeletons that they harbor in their closets come out in the open.

This is standard procedure. But in recent years due to the immoral nature of the leftist media, such precautions have been set aside as mere rigmarole. The result is that many people who have shady characters get projected before public view and it is only later on that their real faces get revealed for all to gaze at in their grotesque ugliness.    

From now onwards, many other channels have become extra-vigilant regarding the sort of people they allow on board. As for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, it has been cancelled from TLC’s roster, which is a good thing too.

Sources: Radaronline , FoxNews

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