Hot Pursuit: The Perfect Comedic Fit for Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara

Hot Pursuit: The Perfect Comedic Fit for Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara

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Witherspoon and Vergara make an unlikely cop and witness team in the newly released trailer of the comedy film ‘Hot Pursuit’.

Reese Witherspoon has teamed up with Sofia Vergara in the new buddy cop comedy film ‘Hot Pursuit’. The film is about an amateur female officer who goes on the run with a drug dealer’s wife, who is also a crucial witness. The film is directed by Anne Fletcher and depicts the journey of the officer and eye witness pair while they try to reach court, evading assassins and dirty lawman that are after them at the same time. 

A comedy wouldn’t be complete without a few ridiculous situations and hilarious jokes thrown in and the trailer shows a collection of funny scenes. The 2 minutes and 33 seconds trailer is a whirlwind of hilarious interactions between the peculiar two-some.

Throughout the trailer several jokes are made about the difference in sizes of Witherspoon and Vergara, as the one in authority is shorter and smaller but is supposed to protect the taller and noticeably larger victim. The most prominent joke is in the start when Vergara jokes about Witherspoon’s size as being equal to a small dog that can fit into her purse. 

As a regular cast member on the Golden Globe winning series ‘Modern Family’, Sofia Vergara is no stranger to playing an amusing role and the casting has paid off because Vergara certainly brings her funny Latina part to the film.

After having filmed two dramas it was refreshingly delightful to see Reese Witherspoon turn back to her comedic roots and take full advantage of her southern drawl as a Texan police officer. British actor Robert Kazinsky co-stars in the film as a Texan native who will be the love interest of Witherspoon’s character. 

In a nutshell the duo seem to have great chemistry and have delivered an entertaining performance on the age old mismatched couple road trip plot-line, and /4/even have the potential to be surprisingly enjoyable. The film comes to the big screen on 8th /4/2015.  

Watch below the trailer of Hot Pursuit.

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