House of Cards Season 3 leaked on Netflix

House of Cards Season 3 leaks on Netflix

House of Cards Twitter

According to CNBC due to a technical bug in Netflix, the first 10 episodes of ‘House of Cards’ were accidently leaked for streaming ahead of schedule.

‘House of Cards’ fans hope soared and then dashed within 25 minutes on Netflix. The third season of the show House of Cards was supposed to premiere on Netflix on the 27th of February. However due to a bug in the system the first 10 episodes of the season were available for 25 minutes on the site.

However the network soon took it off the site to the disappointment of many fans at large. Due to the technical glitch the episodes were available for streaming with full synopsis, title and descriptions on Netflix. 

The accidental release of the political drama two weeks ahead of schedule caused quite a twitter buzz. More than 55000 tweets about the show appeared after the accidental leak. Some viewers had even started streaming episode before they were taken down.

One minute viewers were watching the devious President Frank Underwood up to his usual antics and the next minute it was gone. In order to placate their bruised hearts upon the show’s withdrawal from Netflix, viewers took to twitter to discuss the few glimpses they caught of the ‘House of Cards’. 

Some users even speculated whether or not the leak was not merely unintentional malfunction but a promotional strategy by the site. In order to clarify suspicions CNBC issued a tweet regaling that Netflix posted the episode mistakenly due to a ‘bug in the system’.  

The ideal tweet about the incidence was released by the ‘House of Cards’ official twitter page appeasing fans by announcing that in Washington such leak are inevitable. 

The first episode of the 3rd season disclosed on Netflix was entitled ‘Chapter 27’ and the last was ‘Chapter 36’. Fans of the show have already started circulating snapshots of the episode synopsis on twitter. Whether it was a mechanical error or a marketing plan the release definitely caused a stir. 


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