How To Find Lego Minecraft In Stock

How to Find Lego Minecraft in Stock

There is a Lego shortage in general since weeks. One of the most hard to find Lego sets are the Lego Minecraft sets. Find out how to still find Lego Minecraft in stock at regular prices.

Lego is bigger than ever. This year the Lego Movie marked a new milestone for the Lego company. So far Lego made inroads on Television, but the Logo Movie brought the brand to the big screen.

Lego has more than a toy company. Almost each of the Lego sets come as a multi-channel delivery: TV Show, Apps, web sites and toys. Besides existing franchises like Star Wars, Minecreaft and Harry Potter, Lego has created several original franchises like Chima and Ninjago. Over the past few years, the Danish LEGO company has experienced a massive commercial success and an unprecedented growth, more than quadrupling revenue in 10 years.

Lego is not able to keep up with the world-wide demand despite operating four plants world-wide. A new plant will be built in China to supply the Asian market. Construction has started in April.

To still find the Lego sets that are in high demand we recommend Zoolert. Zoolert tracks inventory in online stores for Lego Minecraft, Galaxy Squad, Friends, The Simpsons, Creator, Ninjago and many more. 

You can leave the Zoolert page open and it will notify you when the Lego Set you want is in stock again. The availabiity history log lets you get an idea how often the particular Lego set gets restocked. 

Lego Minecraft sets are in stock right now at the Lego Online Store, Barnes & Noble, ToysRUs and Walmart.

Find all Lego set stock trackers here.


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