How to Get Walmart Black Friday 2014 Doorbuster Deals

How to Get Walmart Black Friday 2014 Doorbuster Deals


Are you wondering how the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Sales event works and how you can get your hands on one of the hot Walmart doorbuster deals? Find the answers in the Walmart Black Friday shopping guide below.

You want to get your hands on the best Walmart Black Friday 2014 doorbuster deals? Then read this guide below. It never has been easier to get Walmart Black Friday doorbuster deals. First of course you need to know what you want from the Walmart Black Friday 2014. Check out the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad or as a short cut look at our Top 25 Walmart Black Friday 2014 Deals.

The Walmart Doorbuster Events

The Walmart Black Friday 2014 Sale will start at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. The Walmart Stores are though open all day on Thanksgiving Day. To help improve the shopping experience Walmart will hand out wristbands so you can shop while you wait. Here’s how it works: Prior to the 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. events, you need to go to the designated line within the store to secure a wristband for certain Black Friday deals. Wristbands will be distributed while supplies last. You can shop for other gifts throughout the store while you wait for the 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. events to start.

Then You come with a wristband back to the designated line within two hours after the event start time to pick up your deal.

Walmart will have 9 Black Friday deals in their One-Hour Guarantee In Stock promotion this year. You have one hour to be in line at the deals you want. Even if it is sold out, you can purchase a guarantee card that gets you the deal before Christmas. See the list of 1-Hour Guarantee Deals

Shop Walmart Black Friday Sale Online

Before all that try to score your selected Walmart Black Friday deals in the online sale starting at midnight on Thanksgiving Day on This is the easiest way to get a hot Walmart Black Friday 2014 deal. Walmart has already started to sell advertised Walmart Black Friday deals on Friday, Nov. 21. We expect more deals to leak online before Thanksgiving Day.

Walmart will though not make all advertised Black Friday deals available online. This year you can get the 1-Hour Guarantee Deals also online.

Back to the Walmart Black Friday Sale in stores. The Walmart Store is open all night from Thanksgiving Day to Black Friday. So there will be no line outside of Walmart stores like in the wild old days of Black Friday.

Walmart Black Friday Store Maps

Walmart employees are setting up at some point the sales points for each doorbuster deal. Walmart will be offering Black Friday Store Maps online again, which you should definitely download and bring with you to your local Walmart Store. Hang out in the near of the locations where the special items will be setup. 

As said above, Walmart is handing out wristbands for the high demand doorbuster items as early as Thanksgiving Day morning. 
This practice makes it very difficult to gauge when you should arrive at a Walmart Store for the deals you want. Ideally you pay a visit to your local Walmart store and strike up a friendly conversation with a sales person about Black Friday and what they suggest.

I recommend you do your online Walmart Black Friday shopping midnight Thanksgiving Day. Then take a nap and visit your local Walmart Store after Breakfast to check the situation and if they hand out wristbands already.

Because the Walmart Doorbuster deals are in different locations throughout the store, it is best to bring a team of people to get all the deals you want. You know, divide and conquer.

In general prepare for huge crowds at Walmart Black Friday Sale. It could get messy. Make sure the deals you want are worth it by comparing and researching them now. We offer deals guides and analyzes of all deals throughout the Black Friday season in our Black Friday Hub.

See the Latest Black Friday 2014 News.

Black Friday 2014 has started on Friday November 21. Big Black Friday sales events are already underway from Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy offering advertised doorbuster deals. Many deals are not getting better on Thanksgiving Day.

Launched Black Friday 2014 Sales

Walmart Black Friday 2014 Sale

Amazon Black Friday 2014 Sale

Best Buy Black Friday 2014 Sale

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The Black Friday 2014 Countdown is in its final phase. There are only days left until Thanksgiving Day when most Black Friday 2014 sales will begin. The Amazon Black Friday Deals Week will already launch on Sunday, Nov. 23 and there are more early access Black Friday sales events coming up.

The most important Black Friday 2014 ads have been released including the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Ad, Target Black Friday 2014 Ad and the Best Buy Black Friday 2014 Ad. The weeks ahead of the actual Black Friday 2014 are the ideal time to score Black Friday deals without the usual stress involved.

Some say Black Friday is over hyped, but if you know how Black Friday works, you can get the best deals of the year. We are providing with our full Black Friday coverage the information you need to find the best Black Friday deals. It is important to understand that Black Friday is not on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day it is already now. Many of the advertised Black Friday 2014 deals are already on sale now, if you know where to look.

Black Friday 2014 sales will seamlessly lead over into Cyber Monday 2014 sales starting on Sunday November 30. We have seen last year that many consumers still think Cyber Monday sales start on Monday. On Monday most Cyber Monday deals are already sold out. 

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