How to Watch The Interview Online Right Now

How to Watch The Interview Online Right Now

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  • Buy/Rent The Interview in HD for $14.99/$5.99 through YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Video, and

Sony Pictures announce the online release of ‘The Interview’ with the help of online sources. Google, Microsoft and Xbox have collaborated with Sony Pictures to release The Interview online. The companies have agreed to show The Interview as a stand against the cyber attack on Sony.

The American Constitution penned its Bill of Rights to safeguard the individual rights of its citizens. It ensured the safeguarding of the rights of all the American people and the nation moved ahead to be the greatest in the world. With the advent of 21st century, the country grew leaps and bounds in every field. The Internet allowed a broader aspect of privacy.

When Sony Pictures’ huge amount of data was hacked, it went after all codes of privacy and ethics. The American government and people were infuriated against the perpetrators of the crime and decided to respond in their own way.

All things said in world media and decisions made regarding that were made aside, the movie that suffered the most had to be considered. The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen was made the basis of such tyranny against the company which threatened the integrity of the company and its employees.

The Interview was closed down completely at one point. The studios announced it will not be released because various theaters had backed out. The company didn’t want to give up on the movie however and went on to making it a success anyhow. Sony Pictures made a last ditch effort to contact online retailers and services for movies and theaters and to their luck, they got a response.

The Interview is not going down in flames after all. Google, YouTube and Microsoft in addition to the movie’s official website will be showcasing the movie to be seen online, available in HD and for rent online at fixed price.

Google is offering the movie on Google Play Movies & TV app on Android and iOS phones or tablets. It can be streamed on Chromecast, Roku and the Nexus Player. Microsoft and Xbox also joined the initiative by offering the movie on YouTube app, Chromecast, Apple TV, PlayStation and Xbox Video app on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and

According to Google, Microsoft and Xbox, it was a violation of the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and content. In no way do they endorse the content of the movie but they are supporting Sony to express their support against the cyber attacks.

Multiple studios are also releasing the movies this Christmas so if you want to watch the movie, go to your internet entertainment outlets and rent or stream the movie which is also available in HD.

The Interview is now available to rent in HD on Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft’s Xbox Video and the dedicated website at a price of $5.99. You can also be purchase The Interview in HD for $14.99.

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Watch The Interview Now on Xbox Video.

Watch The Interview Now via Google Play.

Watch The Interview Now on YouTube Movies.

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