How To Wear An Apple Watch With A Tag Heuer?

How to wear an Apple Watch with a Tag Heuer?

The Apple Watch will go on sale next month. Apple tries hard to make the Apple Watch not just a gadget but a luxury item, but it never be a Tag Heuer or other Swiss luxury watch brand. How will owners of a mechanical watch wear an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is seen by some as making wearing a watch a trend again. What if you already wear a watch and not just any watch. You wear a Tag Heuer Monaco, because it is the coolest watch there is. I must know. I wear one since years. I love that watch. I have been on the fence about the Apple Watch, but as the launch draws closer I am more and more believing that there is enough to make me want one.

Apple Pay, listening to music without an iPhone and car key replacement are my current highlights. I am not a quantified self believer and don’t value the fitness tracking functions as much. 

As said I love my Monaco. Heck, Steve McQueen has been wearing one. I wear one too. My current take is that i will wear the Tag Heuer on my right wrist and wear the Apple Watch on my left. Usually I wear the Tag on my left, but it is important that there is easy access to the Apple Watch’s crown. The problem wearing the Apple Watch on the right is that the crown is on the wrong side. 

Since the value of Apple Watch only comes to full fruition if wear it at all times during the day.* This means people that wear a luxury watch now will not change between them. The only feasible way is to wear two watches. To wear two watches on one wrist is only something former Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek could pull off. In my opinion it is too uncomfortable.

Nicolas Hayek

I Will this become a trend? Wearing a watch on each wrist?

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch event is on March 9. Maybe Tim Cook can give current watch wearers an answer how to fit the Apple Watch in their lives. Read also our Apple Watch History feature.

* You cannot wear the Apple Watch while you sleep as you need to charge it after a day worth of use.


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