HP EliteBook 1020 is the World’s Thinnest and Lightest Business Notebook

HP EliteBook 1020 is the World’s Thinnest and Lightest Business Notebook


The world’s technical giant, HP has come up with something exclusive and amazing. The company has introduced a series of Notebooks which are not only the world’s thinnest laptops but also the lightest.

Recently, Lenovo introduced Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Notebook.  The thirteen inch thick Notebook weighed only 2.6 lbs. Until now it seemed to be an impressive Notebook, but not anymore. Now HP has introduced the world’s thinnest and lightest business class Notebook.

The company announced Elite Folio 1020 which weighs only 2.2 lbs and is 15.7 mm thick. HP has designed these ultra-light weight Elite Notebooks while keeping in mind the enterprise mobility. These Notebooks might be light in weight, but they for sure have the ability to live through extreme conditions; they are designed to pass through military-grade testing.

Both ultra-lightweight HP EliteBook 1020 and HP Elite book 2010 have optional LANDesk and Client Management Solution. Both machines offer sound free fan and fast multitasking. You can now enjoy movies with its 12.5 inch Quad High definition display.

These Notebooks are the first to come up with HP exclusive enterprise class security. An additional amazing feature that both of these devices is its’ self-healing BIOS. This BIOS helps you better protect your data, device and identity. 

You can now enjoy loud music and clear streaming with front fire speakers and 720p webcam.  Also, HP Noise Reduction software makes the web collaboration and conferences an astonishing experience. You can now hear and see more clearly. Its fingerprint reader does not allow any un-authenticated user to access your laptop.

The vice President and general Manager of HP, Alex Cho said that these new HP EliteBook 1020 is the world’s lightest and thinnest business notebook, it epitomizes game changing innovation. Because of its light weight and easy to carry ability it has become very popular among the customers and it can be more productive in more places. In addition to this, he said that Notebook has the ability to withstand extreme conditions despite its highly mobile style. 

HP has introduced a new Intel Core Chips called Broadwell, this chip will be released next year. However, this fifth generation Core chip will not be incorporated in the first edition of Elitebook 740 G2, 720 G2, 850 G2, 840 G2, 1040 G2 and 750 G2, but it will be a part of the second edition of these Elitebooks. All of these Notebooks have different screen sizes and their price is not available yet.  

Elitebook Folio 1020 also comes with an additional special feature “always on.” It means, if your HP Elitebook Folio 1020 gets stolen, you don’t have to worry. Because there is a tracker installed in the Notebook that will help you track it down, regardless the fact that it is shut down.

Also, you can remove your personal data from a remote system administrator. The Notebook has an inbuilt low power ARM based chip that remains active even when the system is shut down.  With the help of this chip, system administrators at HP are able to track the laptop to a specific location. And a Touch point manager service issue alters that start deleting the data from your stolen laptop.  

The devices will be made available in coming January. 

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