HP’s Sprout PC: The Best just got Better

HP’s Sprout PC: The Best just got Better

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The all-new Sprout PC of HP is a case of the best having just gotten better!

It is an all-immersive computer that is filled with all sorts of wonders from three dimensional scanning to augmented reality. And you cannot compare it to Apple’s new Retina-screen iMac. Although it is a wonderful computer, it has the selfsame features as the rest of the Macs. Are there any other rivals on the scene? None that can be seen by the naked eye.

Besides the slimming and speed integration, desktop PCs have not evolved much. However when you take a gander at the Sprout you immediately notice that it has a whole bunch of new features. A demonstration of this cool gadget was in the works alright. It is indeed a bedazzling machine.

At first sight it seems to be a run-of-the-mill PC. One that is about to be released soon. However, then you discover that HP plans to release the Sprout on November 9th. And the price will be approximately $1900. The most stylish of desktops from HP cost $1500.   

The phrase “immersive computer” is the best way to describe this baby. Among the two biggest features of this critter are an illuminator which projects from above the display screen and a versatile Touch Mat.

The former has a built-in DLP projector and 14 megapixel camera. As for the latter it is placed around the region where the keyboard and mouse are normally present. Such a setup has not been seen before. Windows 8.1 is projeected upon the Touch Mat in the form of an interface.

As for the illuminator, it can capture the visual residue of any object you place on the Touch Mat. This is desktop computing in the true literal sense of the phraseology. It is a marvelous and special device.

There are virtually so many things it is capable of performing in a jiffy. Among some of the activities possible on the HP Sprout are its use as a dual touchscreen PC. A huge display on which you can run the latest applications is a possibility thanks to Sprout.   

The touch system is fluid and sharp. Two dimensional scanning can be done via this device. Everything from colorful pictures to important documents can be copied within seconds. Even 3D objects are not immune to being copied via this gizmo. You have choice though.

You can choose a flat representation of the 3D object or you can have the computer display it in its three-dimensions on the screen. You can sketch or draw colorful paintworks via the Touch Mat too if you wish to. And the flat surface functions as a gaming device too.

Augmented reality is an alternative that you can always avail. Why, you /4/even play chess with real pieces on the Touch Mat. Then you can get in touch with other Sprout users via the Virtual Rooms. Printing options exist as a side feature. And all these features are not the end of the deal. There are several other things you /4/do via the HP Sprout PC.

As for the Multi Jet Fusion technology by HP, it will arrive some time in 2016. So it’s a bit of a wait till its arrival. But you can always enjoy the HP Sprout which is due in the first half of November. The race to build Sprout started about half a decade ago. It’s been a rocky journey up until now.  

Many things got abandoned on the way and many things got reincorporated too. Eventually, the system that was Sprout began to come into its own. There were fallow periods too. One time there was even a nine month delay in the state of affairs.

But soon things caught up and the tinkering and technologizing began again. With a little cooperation from Microsoft, the thing finally got made. Why is it worth $1900? Go figure! After all the ten thousand details that went into it, it is indeed a wonder that it is still so low-priced!

The contraption is a miracle alright and it is worth its weight in gold. There is even a piano program somewhere on the gadget. Sprout will have a limited release for now. Only later on will it become a universally available device. The mother company has full plans to go ahead with other even  more mind boggling devices in the future times. 

Source: FastCompany

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