HTC RE Camera Will be 50% Off Over the Black Friday Weekend

HTC RE Camera Will be 50% Off Over the Black Friday Weekend

Photo Credits: HTC

  • Designed to fit everywhere
  • Instant access-one button action
  • 146° wide angle lens

The GoPro-like hand held shooter normally retails for $199, but starting at 9PM Pacific on Thanksgiving (November 27), you will be able to buy one for $99

HTC’s “Hot Deals” series might just be the most exciting of all things you are going to come across this Black Friday as its new stand-alone camera, the RE, is going to be available with a price slash all throughout the weekend. The hand shooter is something like the GoPro and it normally is available for $199 but from 9 PM onwards on Thanksgiving, you will have it for as less as $99 which is a discount of 50%. The deal kicks off at 9 PM sharp on Thanksgiving and is going to last till December 1st 9 PM Pacific till the stocks last.

The deal can be availed at a couple of retailers. Apart from HTC’s own online store, you can have it from Verizon, AT&T and Best Buy. RE is going to be available at these stores with the price slashed. At a price of $99, we hardly doubt that anyone is going to put the offer down.

The selfie craze has still not died down, in fact it is here to stay for long and all we can say is that the RE is the perfect shot for those who want to have something handy while on the go and don’t want to miss on their most precious moments. The RE has been designed in such a way that it snuggly fits your hands and is perfect and most practical for all sorts of occasions. With distraction free video coverage and photos, you can enjoy every moment in your life while it lasts and also have it saved of the rest of your life.

No worrying about setting the right modes and going through menus to get to your cameras; there is one button and that is sufficient to get you going. The size might look deceiving and you might worry about fitting in, but thanks to its 146° wide angle lens, they capture everything around. It is highly portable and highly practical and you don’t have to miss out on your precious moment. It can fit snuggly anywhere; even your child’s scooter or your own bicycle. Want to make a time lapse video? Simply plug it next to your window pane and you can have a wonderful video of your indoors or even your neighborhood depending on the way you put it.

source: droid-life

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