HTC Revealing New Wearable Product At CES 2015

HTC Revealing New Wearable Product at CES 2015

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  • HTC will display a new wearable device at CES 2014
  • The device will not be a smartwatch
  • The new wearable device will be launched within Q1 2015

HTC will show a new wearable device in January, but it will not be a smartwatch

HTC is planning to shake up the market of wearable devices, as a new report claims that the company is going to reveal a new wearable product at the upcoming CES 2015.

According to the report of Venture Beat, a spokesperson of HTC has confirmed that the new wearable product will be unveiled at January’s big event. However, the most interesting fact is: it will be not a smartwatch, but a device which is quite different from any other product available in the market of wearable devices.

The move is indeed very surprising, as HTC had expressed their enthusiasm about releasing a new smartwatch for a number of times. Back in February 2014, Cher Wang, the chairperson of HTC, stated that the company would release a new smartwatch in the holiday season.

Moreover, Wang earlier said that HTC would organize a special event on 8th October for revealing the smartwatch. However, the revelation has been pushed back to 2015 as the company failed to make the device ready for the particular event.

However, the consumers will not be disappointed at this time, as HTC will surely reveal a new wearable device, despite not unveiling the highly-anticipated smartwatch. The company has already engaged a number of partners in developing different significant software, including fitness apps. However, the HTC spokesperson refused to mention the names of the developers.

HTC’s strategy of not going after the smartwatch category is definitely a smart move, as its market has become highly competitive with a number of well known brands, including the new Apple Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear devices.

The sale of HTC’s new wearable product will be initiated within the first quarter of the next year.



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