Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon Bring Back the Mullet and Play ‘Music Beers’ with Chris Hemsworth

Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon Bring Back the Mullet and Play ‘Music Beers’ with

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During last night’s The Tonight Show Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon both wore Mullet wigs and played an intensely hilarious game of ‘Music Beers’ with fellow Aussie Chris Hemsworth and the SNL cast.

Last night during the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon guest Hugh Jackman made an appearance and shared a good laugh while donning mullet wigs with the host. During his appearance Jackman talked about his upcoming film ‘Chappie’ in which his character is famously required to wear a mullet wig and in solidarity Fallon wore a mullet wig for Jackman.

While donning the wig the pair seemingly had a blast and even exclaimed they are probably gonna bring back the mullet for spring.  Jackman also revealed how much his wife abhors the mullet wig and talked about his visit to Cuba where he found a love for cigars. 

Jimmy Fallon has always loved to host play games on the Tonight Show. The games sometimes take an intense turn but sometimes they simply turn into hilarious no sense contests. Last night Fallon hosted another hot moss of a hilarious game with Hugh Jackman and his fellow Aussie star Chris Hemsworth, along with several other SNL cast members.

The SNL cast members included Colin Jost, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Moynihan. As usual the game made no sense made was one funny whirlwind as the celebrities were basically running around a table while drinking beer. While circling the table everyone was confused and yelling at each other and evidently having a ton of fun.  

The game was aptly entitled ‘Music Beers’ by Fallon and was a parody of the classical game musical chairs. Instead of diving onto chairs when the music stops the stars were supposed to go for the beer cups and drain them.  At the end of each round when the music stops one person will be left empty handed and the last one to claim the beer cup will be awarded winner.

While Questlove played Arianna Grande’s song ‘Bang Bang’ in the background, sometimes fast forwarding it and slowing the pace to create a confusing environment. When the music started and all the stars started moving at the same time it was every person for themselves.

In the end after a few minutes of intense competition Chris Hemsworth was the last man standing and the apparent winner of ‘Music Beers’. Hugh Jackman congratulated Hemsworth and exclaimed you got it brother.



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