IBM denies Rumor regarding its Massive Layoffs

IBM denies Rumor regarding its Massive Layoffs

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IBM has denied a rumor that was spread by a gadfly author regarding its massive manpower layoffs. According to the writer these people would be shoved aside by the giant organization in a brusque manner.

Forbes’ writer Robert X. Cringely, who happenes to be a revolutionary who wrote about technology, and is attached to Silicon Valley, wrote an article last week about IBM laying off from 10,000 to 100,000 of its employees in the most massive restructuring to ever be seen in history. 

IBM as everyone knows stands for International Business Machine. It is a huge behemoth that deals in computers and all things having to do with computation. This golden handshake in fast forward that was to be seen at IBM came in for some extreme criticism from many sources. 

Especially the article written by the writer pinpointed the unfairness and blatant disregard for human welfare that IBM was showing via its careless and inhuman behavior. 

The big firm has no sympathy and seems heartless and soulless in its implications concerning laying off so many human beings who now thanks to their bosses don’t know where their next meal is going to come from.

But the execs at IBM gives a sharp rejoinder defending their tactful ethics in a few paragraphs. They states that while IBM chooses not to respond to rumors, this one is so stupid and without foundation that it deserves some repartee just to end its existence once and for all. 

IBM is just going to rehabilitate a few thousand loyal employees and a lot of money will be used to help them find better jobs elsewhere. 

Cringely writes another article after the release of IBM’s official statement. The author states that IBM is acting in a manner that is childish and almost like pushing people out of a flying airplane. 

And he also said that just because IBM faced a bad year in business, it is now ready to let go of so many dependent on it like so much extra ballast. 

But according to the IBM admin, such is just not the case. They will not dare do such a thing. When you come to think of it, downsizing is such sweet sorrow. 

While the person being given the pink slip is free to enter the job search market again and gain a lucrative status of open agent for the headhunter organizations, the insecurity and financial aporia this presents for the individual looking for a simple job is very real too. 

IBM /4/try to hide its trail of footsteps all it wants, but the fact of the matter is that it lacks in the human rights department like all multinational corporations do.   

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