iCloud Hacked

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Apple’s cloud service has been hacked by Chinese users

Recently Apple was in the news a lot after celebrities had their photos leaked onto the internet after being stored on the iCloud platform. Even though this might not have been the result of an actual iCloud hack, now there are Chinese hackers that have infiltrated the service in a creative way.

In order to gain access to users’ data, Chinese hackers set themselves up in between the iCloud servers and the users. According to several reports, and two tech analysts, they were paid to do this by the Chinese government. This is what happened with several other large scale hacks recently, although there is no way of knowing for sure.

This could be a problem for Apple, since they have already been criticized in the past for a perceived lack of security. Those accusations came from the Chinese government themselves, who said that Apple could be giving up State secrets to the US government. Apple denied that, but this move could make them look worse in a country that they have had a hard time getting in to with the iPhone 6.

Apple has yet to comment on this hack, or say that it actually happened, although independent researchers have said that they both believe it happened and that the Chinese government is behind it. We will have to wait for official word to know what happened exactly, but Apple is likely already working on plugging up this leak in an effort to maintain their image. They have been praised time and time again for their security, so this should be no different.

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