Indestructible Virus Could be new Weapon against Human Diseases

Indestructible Virus Could be new Weapon against Human Diseases

Researcher Xiong (Sean) Yu demonstrates a step in the lengthy process of preparing a specimen for the microscope. / Photo courtesy of Kay Taylor, University of Virginia Health System

  • Invincible Virus /4/Prove Crucial in Human Disease Prevention

A new and invincible virus that dies hard /4/prove crucial in the scientific fight for disease prevention. Researchers are looking into the infinite possibilities unleashed by the discovery of this agent of prophylaxis.

Scientists have found a mighty viral agent that can even survive the onslaught of an environment of boiling acid. They hope it /4/lend them a helping hand in the battle against human diseases. The fact that this virus is the missing link between the living and the non-living and serves as a protective force-field for DNA and proteins is something to marvel at. 

Among the super-virus’ properties are: a high degree of repellant force towards all forms of extreme heat, drought and UV rays. One of the major fields this virus opens up for mankind is the enfolding of DNA in a tough cover for purposes of genetic engineering. Thus we can see that this uncanny virus is the ideal carrier for the goal of gene therapy. 

Termed the SIRV2, the virus enters and colonizes an organism that thrives in acid springs that are at boiling temperatures. The spores formed /4/be responsible for such deadly diseases as Anthrax.

However, by seeing the working mechanisms of these spores we /4/gain a foothold and use them for good objectives for a change. The survival of the viral agent in such inhospitable conditions means that it is the hardiest of means of primary life known to exist. 

By employing a Titan Krios electron microscope, this remarkable discovery was made possible. It is one of a very few special microscopes in the world that lends an in-depth visual analysis of the infinitesimally small universe.

The world that opens up at the microlevel is indeed beautiful and awe-inspiring. And this is just the beginning in a series of findings that will revolutionize biochemistry.   

The discovery was made at the University of Virginia. Scientists were fascinated by the limitless vistas opened by this futuristic finding. The virus is for all purposes incapable of being extinguished as far as its life force is concerned.

Finally, a small wonder in the form of this tough-shelled pseudo-organism has been located and it /4/make such visions as immortality and the fountain of youth seem within the reach of humanity.

As out-of-this-world as these desires and wishes seem, they actually are a possibility in the terrestrial sphere that is the earth. Nothing is impossible, not even that which is unimaginable and unsaid up until now.  

The discovery has been described in the scientific journal Science in an article whose authors are Frank DiMaio, Xiong Yu, Elena Rensen, Mart Krupovic, David Prangishvili and Egelman.

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