Insurgent: Shailene Woodley talks about Tris Prior

Insurgent: Shailene Woodley talks about Tris Prior

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As ‘Insurgent’ is released Shailene Woodley talks about the film, while box office analysts predict the weekend gross.

Insurgent the sequel to the immensely successful film ‘Divergent’ was released on Friday. Shailene Woodley reprised her role as Tris Prior, the main character from the Veronica Roth books trilogy.

In ‘Insurgent’ Tris is on the run after having resisted the uprising to save her friends and community. Woodley gave a phone interview to the Hero Complex about her role in ‘Insurgent’.  

Woodley shared it was difficult for her to reprise her role as Tris again because going back to the mind-set of a past role is not easy. Tris is going through more of an emotional turmoil in ‘Insurgent’ then she was in ‘Divergent’, as she has lost her parents and friends and is dealing with coming to grips with the guilt and pain associated with her actions. At the same time Tris is supposed to figure out how to help her community. 

According to Woodley the second installment involves more sets and the designs are really innovate as a blend between foreign and familiar. In ‘Insurgent’ we also get a glimpse at Candor, Erudite and Factionless, the fictional locations mentioned in the books.

Woodley especially found the set and working of Factionless very interesting as it contained people who did not have anything and their dynamics are different from others in the dystopian society.

‘Insugent’ will also introduce a new character Naomi Watts as Evelyn who will be an ally to Tris. Woodley shared the film is more about trying to find your own individuality in the world. Tris and Four both struggle in the film about their history and expectations related to their mothers.

When asked about her action stunts Woodley declared them as being fun and other than fighting she has more running scenes and stunts. Woodley also shared details about a scene involving a spinning house which took a whole month to film and she had about five stunt doubles.

According to Woodley the scene where Tris has to fight her own self was more complicated than she had anticipated because she had to be in synchronization with the stunt double for the fight.

The film was better for Woodley in a sense as she knows the entire cast and felt more connected to them this time. Finally Woodley revealed ‘Insurgent’ ends on a more hopeful note than even ‘Divergent’ did as there are some very important questions answered at the end.

The opening gross for the film on Friday was $22.78 million. Some analysts predict ‘Insurgent’ will earn a $40 million profit over the weekend but others believe the fan base will take the gross over a $50 million mark. 


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