Intel Education Tablet Gets A 10-inch Screen And Android Operating System

Intel Education Tablet gets a 10-inch screen and Android operating system


New tablet and notebook are for education environments

Intel has unveiled its latest products aimed at the education environment. One of the products is a new 10-inch tablet that runs the Android operating system. The tablet runs the Android 4.2 operating system. It is rugged and has rubber bumpers on each side to make it easy to grip. Intel promises the tablet can survive drops of 70cm onto the floor without breaking.

The tablet has a stylus and uses a dual core Intel Atom Z2520 processor. The tablet also has a front or rear-facing camera and can be fitted with an optional 3G modem. Power comes from a rechargeable battery that promises 12 hours of use per charge. The tablet will support full HD hardware-accelerated video encoding and decode at 30 fps.

Two of the coolest features of the tablet are snap-on magnification tool and a snap-on thermal probe. Intel also unveiled the 10-inch Intel classmate PC that uses an Intel Celeron N2806 processor and runs Windows 8.1. A version of the tablet with Windows 7 or Linux is coming later this year.

“The HP Classmate Notebook helps deliver access to instructional tools, learning apps and education content to students and teachers around the world,” said Gus Schmedlen, vice president, PPS Education, HP. “Combined with professional development and HP’s national education technology planning resources, the HP Classmate can help drive meaningful learning, social and economic outcomes.”

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