Intel finally announces its acquisition of PasswordBox

Intel finally announces its acquisition of PasswordBox


The acquisition will add Secure Digital Identity solutions for Consumers to Intel Portfolio.

Finally, Intel has announced the purchase of PasswordBox. PasswordBox is an award winning provider of a cross-platform identity management service that provides the users with a convenient way to log into all of their applications from any device without the hassle of typing passwords again and again or remembering them. Remembering so many passwords is actually a problem and Intel has done a good job by finding a solution to it. Now due to this acquisition PasswordBox will become a part of the Safe Identity organization within the Intel Security Group.

Everyone knows the importance of secure passwords as they are essential to protect a user’s sensitive data and information. Moreover a recent report by a firm named Deloitte has made it clear that the security of passwords is very important as 90 percent of user-generated passwords are prone to get hacked. So the aim of Intel is to work with PasswordBox in order to eliminate these problems and provide netter and secure services for its users. C

hris Young, senior vice president and general manager of Intel Security Group stated that the aim of Intel and PasswordBox is the same and together they have the expertise and knowledge to provide secure access to consumers all over the world. 

Intel Corporation has been very serious in reaching its aim and for this purpose established Intel Security in January 2014. Intel Security combines the expertise of McAfee in order to provide a better experience to the users. Intel has in mind to provide three benefits to its users with the help of PasswordBox, Reduced Password Fatigue, Security Simplified and Experience Next Generation Solutions. 

Intel will use PasswordBox’s one-click and one-tap login to simplify and provide secure access from any consumer device. Plus these days we experience a lot of data breaches and so we are compelled to create difficult and complex passwords; which are difficult to remember!

Intel Security has also taken this problem into consideration and will use the new, easy to use authentication technologies developed by PasswordBox. This will enable users to get the benefit of improved security in a manner that is simple to set up and use.

Intel Security’s technology and expertise combined with that of PasswordBox is aiming and planning to develop new and innovative solutions to meet the need of the consumers. It seems that now we users are actually going to experience better security due to these two teaming up. 

PasswordBox was basically a privately held company that was founded back in 2012. Its headquarters were in Montreal and employed only 44 people. Since its debut the company has experienced many success such as won the best mobile app at CES 2014 and has been downloaded by 14 million times worldwide. The details of the acquisition have not been made public and the new innovations that are expected have also yet to be announced. It finally seems someone has taken this matter seriously and is now going to provide the users with relief. 

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