Interstellar: A Gem of a Movie by Christopher Nolan

Interstellar: A Gem of a Movie by Christopher Nolan

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Interstellar is a gem of a movie that got made by the director Christopher Nolan.

While Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was a #1 hit movie in its time, the present times are much more sophisticated. In particular, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar gets an A+ for its stars and scenes. The fact of the matter is that there is no comparison between the two genres.

While Kubrick’s 1968 classic was way ahead of its times, this contemporary diamond in the rough from Nolan too has its merits that land it among the top notch movies. Let’s not forget that the last film by Nolan “The Dark Knight Rises” was quite a crowd puller too. And this movie will bring in revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The one movie that we can actually compare with Interstellar is Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. And it pulled in $1.6 billion in revenues. Viewers loved Inception and they loved Gravity. We feel sure that they will also adore Interstellar. There is even a chance at flying off into space by buying a ticket to watch Interstellar.  

Interstellar bears an uncanny resemblance to some of Stephen Spielberg’s films especially Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And Matthew McConaughey’s role in Contact with Jodie Foster also shows a striking semblance with this genre. Interstellar might just be the best fare from Nolan’s side up until now.

In Interstellar, Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain play their individual roles absolutely brilliantly. They make the film come alive. The special effects of the movie appear to be truly magical in their nature. In fact, they seem to be caused by the magic wand of an Eastern wizard. It is precisely these magical mystical scenes that will pull in crowds from far away.

The movie shows that the human spirit can survive all the odds against it. It is a beautiful depiction of the struggle for existence in an indifferent universe. And this movie is a very watchable one indeed since it is packed with meaning and narrative.

It is not like such movies as A Clockwork Orange which thrive on meaningless violence. Christopher Nolan thrives on dark aethetics. He explores the erroneous zones of human nature and existential experience. Though it might seem to many that he is way too much of a brainiac, the fact of the matter is that such is simply not the case. 

Insterstellar comes close to the genre that got started by Arthur c. Clarke who wrote that at a certain stage of civilization the technology is indifferentiable from magic. It is a hardcore 21st century sci-fi thriller. The time duration is three hours but the audience will simply love every minute and second of that time warp they’ll enter in the theater.

The film basically depicts a race against time. When the forces that be are not on your side and your spacecraft is travelling at the speed of light as it escapes from a tidal wave of destruction that is out to get it…the situation is similar to what is shown in the movie Interstellar. Maybe what the movie really shows is a fragile humanity in the grip of a terrible reality.

Yet it evinces the fact that while some fear the unknown, others are feared by the unknown. The mission of mercy and the epic journey through an alien and alienating landscape is show in all its gravity. Man’s search for meaning is plainly visible for all to see in its desperation and drive. It is a case of stranger in a strange land.

Yet that is the precise beauty of the movie that it does not end without resolution. There is a denouement and dovetailing of differences in the end. Earth is shown in a raped state. And Matthew McConaughey is the hero and protagonist of the tale. He is raising his two kids with the help  of his late wife’s dad. Then a space saga ensues.

This includes several other agents such as Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain. The trip through wormholes and hyper space not to mention time warps is a whole new ball game. The ability of Nolan as a popular story teller is definitely spot on in this movie of marvelous dimensions.

The movie is very satisfying and is a tour de force to boot. Two thumbs up for Christopher and the cast of Interstellar!

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