Into the Woods wows the Audience into Oscar Anticipation

Into the Woods wows the Audience into Oscar Anticipation

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  • Into the Woods has stunning performances and it is definitely a shoo-in for Oscars this coming year.
  • The film was screened simultaneously in New York City and Disney Studios in Burbank.

Into the Woods gets double screening and wows the audience into Oscar anticipation. The cast and directing crew gathered for Q&A for the movie in DGA Theater.

Into the Woods was first released as an on stage theatre musical in 1986 and was open the next year for its Broadway debut. The play was great but that’s not the end of it, it seems. 

Director Rob Marshall said in a Q&A session that he had been listening to a speech by President Obama on the tenth anniversary. He said that the world that children live in today is harsher and they have no hope. For Rob, his aspiration for making this movie is to give a beacon of hope to children. 

They got together with Stephen Sondheim and screenwriter James Lapine to bring the magic of Sondheim’s theater endeavor to screens and they have been very smart in adapting it for a movie experience. 

The movie is like a movie version of Once Upon A Time TV show, featuring various fairytales including Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella. Even if the film is in collaboration with Disney, they have kept true to the true essence of Grimm Brothers Fairytales instead of the rip-off versions Disney is so clever at adapting. The original score for the movie is stunning. Streep sang an original song written by Sondheim and Streep expressed it to be one of the most liberating experiences of her career.

Unfortunately the score was dropped because it didn’t fit with the overall theme of the movie. It might be added to the DVD extras pack. The actors also added their fair version of their experiences. Emily Blunt, whose playing the Baker’s wife came on scene after her hiatus from work.

She recently gave birth to her first daughter Hazel and has been home taking care of her. She looked as stunning as ever with her figure restored to its original size showing no effects of pregnancy. Emily’s role has not been aggressively large to earn her any nominations but her husband in the movie, Corden certainly put up a performance worthy of acclamation.

Meryl Streep was stunning as ever though not in the beauty department whilst she played the Wicked Witch. The performance /4/actually earn her the 19th Oscar nomination. Johnny Depp failed to attend the event along with Sondheim but Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick showed their gratitude for being cast for the roles and becoming part of the movie.

Into the Woods has certainly got an award winning quality in it that was previously only showed by the hit musical drama Chicago. The musicals don’t have a repo to win awards but the film will definitely be nominated in the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score, Best Costume and Best Make-up. The film was simultaneously screened in New York City and Disney Studios in Burbank attended by avid fans. The film will be released worldwide on Christmas weekend and hopefully bring the hope to children of the world again.

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