iOS 9 is going to be Boring

iOS 9 is going to be Boring

Credit: Apple

  • Apple’s Main Focus Would Be On Stabilizing Their OS When They Will Release iOS 9.

Apple is rumored to focus on stability and optimization in iOS 9. Apple is said to try to make sure that its latest iOS will have huge focus on maintaining stability and fixing bugs.

Apple is known for its stability all around the world. We know that their OS in Macs are very stable and their OS X was a huge success. We also see that their devices almost never die as compared to other companies and this is why they charge so highly for their devices.

The components and the material they use to make their devices is of top notch quality and this is why they are regarded as one of the best companies of the time. But when it comes to Apple releasing updates for their iPhones, people have had some problems.

Firstly Apple never sent updates to iPhones that weren’t able to handle those updates and we saw the iPhone 3 and 3gs become obsolete in the past years. With the release of their iOS 8, many users got the update including iPhone 4s users.

The users that did update their phones to the latest OS wished they didn’t. This is because the users that updated their phones claimed that they had performance issues with the new iOS.

Their phones didn’t run that smoothly and Apple had to bring out updates to solve many issues. So this is why this time around Apple is said to have a standout feature for new iOS 9 which is going to be complete focus on stabilizing and optimizing the operating system.

So the new iOS 9 which is also called Monarch will have several under the hood improvements and some insiders told 9to5Mac that the company has decided to put all of its efforts in removing bugs rather than adding latest features.

Their previous operating systems have brought Apple users all of the new features but this one will look to make sure that those features run smoothly. This time Apple will also look to break down the size of the updates.

Last time when Apple released their updates, a lot of their users had to remove significant amount of information from their phones in order to get the new update. It is expected that there still might be one or two additions to the features in the upcoming iOS 9.

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