iPhone 5c Catches Fire in a Man’s Pocket

iPhone 5c catches fire in a man's pocket

Photo Credits: Sophia Hall/WCBS 880)

A Long Island man was treated for third-degree burns after his iPhone exploded in his pocket

Not everyone will find themselves to be in a similar place after buying an iPhone – some feel happy, some feel disappointed and some might even burn. Yes, that’s right. A man from Long Island has claimed that his iPhone mysteriously caught fire while it was still in his pockets and he consequently suffered from skin burns. 29-year-old Erik Johnson was in New Jersey at the time of the incident and after feeling a severe burning sensation on his leg, he realized what exactly had happened.

Johnson has suffered third-degree burns according to a report from WCBS 880. While talking to a news outlet he said, “All I heard was a pop, and it started fizzling, and it just started to burn my leg. It went to a pretty much instant burn, it didn’t even warm up; it just went to burn. And the only way I could get the phone away from me was to rip off my pants to get the phone out.”

Since his iPhone 5c was in his pocket when it exploded, it caused third-degree burns and Johnson had to spend 10 days in the hospital due to which he couldn’t even go to work. The pain hasn’t subsided and it is almost impossible for him to work and hence he is considering the option of filing a lawsuit against Apple. “You don’t expect something like this to happen, never,” he said. “It’s still hard to grasp the concept of this happening.”

Looks like it’s time that the Cupertino giant looked into its iPhones as this isn’t the first case of an iPhone 5c catching fire. A similar incident took place almost a year ago when 13-year old Maine’s iPhone 5c caught fire and she had to be treated for her burns. The iPhone 4 is also reportedly on the same line and there was a report back in 2010 when a user’s iPhone 4 caught fire while it was recharging.

Source: CBS


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