iPhone 7 rumors emerge
  • Expected to release in Sept. 2015
  • More focus on battery life
  • Apple expected to vamp up resolution

Already the Internet is chattering about what Apple will include in the iPhone 7

One minute we are talking about the initial sales figure of the Apple iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus and how they managed to get record breaking numbers during their first few days and we are already hearing about the next iPhone. We weren’t expecting the rumors for the iPhone 7 to show up this early when the iPhone 6 has just released into the market and has only ‘started’ making its mark. Of course we all know that an iPhone 7 is inevitable and we are going to see it in the coming year but the speculations are already taking a toll on what we can expect from the fruit company on this one.

The first question that pops up in our head is that whether or not this iPhone 7 will be called that or something else. Apple has previously released the iPhone 5s & 5c between the fifth and sixth generations of the iPhone series, and other previous releases include the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 3gs so there is high possibility that we might see an iPhone 6s sometime soon. But first let’s have a look at what we need to know about the upcoming iPhone 7 and see what the rumors suggest.

The iPhone 7’s design

This is perhaps the first thing that we all want to know. As far as the iPhone 6 is concerned, the design was something which took up a lot of evolution from its predecessor and Apple introduced a brand new design for its new iPhone so we are expecting to see some continuation in this department. The iPhone 6 was also the largest phone which the company had produced so this was yet again a significant variation from the previous models. So all this makes us think that Apple would probably resort to a more conservative approach for the iPhone 7. So far, we don’t see any need for Apple to take up a gamble in the smartphone industry. Also, it is traditional with Apple’s ’S’ models for the design to be close to identical to previous iPhones, so this trend is quite likely to continue with the iPhone 7.

The specs

What is inside the phone is sometimes ever more important that what appears on the outside so we move onto our next question which says what sort of specs is Apple going to retain and what sorts it is going to introduce. The speculations in this department are particularly important given the fact that technology naturally matures over a period of time. The battery life had gained a lot of significance on the iPhone 6 by the company so we are expecting it will move on to the next phone as well. And in the midst of this extreme completion, we are sure that Apple would also think about revamping the resolution.

Release date

So when is this phone going to show up? At the time of the iPhone 6, Apple had been facing a lot of doubts and uncertainties predominantly due to the intense completion from Samsung. But now that the fruit giant has made its position strong in the market, we aren’t expecting iPhone 7 to face all these problems hence we can put our money on a September, 2015 release for the iPhone 7.


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