iPhone looks to change mobile gaming

iPhone looks to change mobile gaming

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Files patent for iPhone joystick

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have started to bring in modest numbers as far as sales go. These new Apple smartphone offerings have taken their previous iPhone offerings and capitalized on them. While the iPhone has certainly been something that most consumers use to help with the functioning of their daily lives, the mobile gamer of today’s society /4/want to look at purchasing an iPhone in the future. Apple has filed a recent patent that will turn the home button on an iPhone into a small joystick. When the home button is flush with the rest of the phone it would act as a regular home button would. A slight added pressure of the button would spring up a joystick that gamers would be able to employ.

The patent for the mobile joystick was originally filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in July of 2013. The patent was described as a ‘multi-function input device’ which in essence would transform the home button on the iPhone into a joystick used for mobile gaming. There are several patent drawings that can be found all over the internet that show how this new technology works. Apple went on to say in the patent application that current mobile devices and smartphones limit how much control that a gamer has when playing games. Apple said that touchscreen controls sometime do not work and then there are times when players have to cover the screen with their fingers. This new built in joystick would eliminate any kind of touchscreen controls and would give a person the kind of gaming control that they have been so used to.

With that being said, it is a very good chance that when the iPhone 7 hits the market it will be one that will certainly satisfy the mobile gamer and possibly even attract more.

Source: IGN

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