IPhone Phablet Rumored For /4/Release

iPhone Phablet Rumored for /4/Release

Is Apple going to debut a bigger iPhone already early this year? Last year Apple kept us waiting almost all year for new product announcements.

Apple manages to dominate the technology headlines during the CES 2014 without even attending. Rumor reports about an iPhone phablet and a 12-inch iPad Pro keep the web buzzing. In 2013 Apple kept us waiting for new product announcements until fall. A new rumor report from Asia (via BGR) is claiming that Apple is already releasing the rumored iPhone phablet in May.

The bigger iPhone would offer a 5-inch display and would not be part of the next generation of the iPhone that comes in fall. It would make sense for Apple to add a larger iPhone 5S with the current performance specs and just the bigger screen. The iPhone phablet would compete perfectly with the larger Samsung phones. I for my part like the smallness of the iPhone 5S and I am not excited about a bigger iPhone, but the success of the Samsung Galaxy phones show that there is a large consumer group that likes a bigger smartphone screen.

Find more Apple News and Rumors in our Apple News Hub and on our new real-time Apple news site Apple Balla. Apple is set to have an exciting fall and holiday season with the release of iOS 7 and OS Maverick in addition to a slew of new devices including the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and MacBook Pro. There might also be something completely new that we do not know about. It is likely not the iWatch, which is expected for 2014.

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